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Post Help with live plants

Hello Betta lovers,
I am new to Betta keeping and was hoping to put live plants in my tank. I have a 5.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater. Its average water temperature is 78 degrees with slight fluctuations of a few degrees here and there. If someone could give me a detailed beginners guide to live plant tanks that would be great! If you need anymore details about the tank just ask! Thanks!!
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Sea Dragon
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This sticky should have what you need if you haven't read it already:
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That is a good guide. Basically though as a beginner, it's more about your lighting than anything else. What kind do you have on the tank? If its flourescent you should be good to go depending on the kelvin rating and wattage. LED is usually okay. But incandescent is a big no no.
I'd go with some hard to kill plants like java fern and moss, anubias, hornwort, moneywort, and amazon swords, actually basically anything you find at petsmart/petco would be good in a beginner tank. Make sure you have a liquid aquarium fertilizer handy and research the plants before you but and plant them. Some have certain planting instructions like java fern and anubias can't have their rhizome (the green part the leaves grow from) under gravel and should usually be tied to a rock or driftwood. And most swords can't have their crown planted too deep and should have root fertilizer tabs under them so they can get essential nutrients.
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Light temperature are important.

Plant selection are key. pick undemanding ones like java moss, java fern and some crypts.

fertilizer may be needed but it depends on the type of plants selected. Let me know if you have any questions or need help growing anything. :)
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only small melon swords would work in a 5 others would outgrow it too fast.stay with nano species. unless you want to constantly trim. i suggest for your first planted tank, to stay with tough low light plants. mosses,crypts,moss balls, all kinds of java fern ,anubias. start out easy,get the feel for it. some people really jump the gun on this. they start out with difficult plants and the wrong lights etc. they beat their heads against the wall,rip out all of the plants and go back to probably only need to use a liquid carbon source once a week for ferts.
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