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Rescue (hopefully) success story. Should I treat?

As of yesterday, I have 9 bettas...That is a whole different story, but this two were a bit unplanned. My brother asked me to accompany him to our LPS (since we live in the same neighborhood) and I tagged along. Immediately, I noticed around 6 male Bettas in vases that looked fairly healthy but none of them jumped out at me. Then I saw the cups and the females. There were three rows of tiny (even tinier that Petsmart) cups with Bettas in them--male and female. Again, the males looked okay. I pulled out about 12 cups of females. Immediately, I fell in love with a Black Orchid CT female, but she was in very cloudy water and her fins were horribly ripped. I asked him how much she was and he told me. Then he said that he thought some of them may have been males because he put 100 of them in a tank together and they started attacking and killing each other....He said that between that and being purchased, this was all that was left...I explained to him that there were females and while they can be housed together, groups of 4-5 are best and they need lots of places to hide because they are very aggressive. He seemed genuinely grateful and offered me a second female for 1 penny (true story). I picked out a green CT with horrible fins and dark stress stripes. I got them home, put them in two separate QT tanks, turned the lights off, and turned the heat up. They were in horrible conditions, so I was honestly not sure if they would survive the night. I checked on them this morning and the stripes were gone and both of them actually ate some food. I have a ten gallon that is just about finished cycling with lots of places for them (sorority tank), but I'm going to get three more girls first. For right now, I just want these two girls to stay as relaxed and warm as possible. I haven't gotten any pictures, since I didn't want to stress them out, but do you think I should treat for the torn fins? The water is clean and the parameters are good, but should I do anything else? Thank you for the feedback! I hope that they continue to improve!
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Stress coat at 1 ml per 1 gallon, fresh water vitachem at a drop per gallon or maybe some aquarium salt.

Otherwise really just clean water may be all that's needed.
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Hey there,

Just keep their water nice and clean, provide them with a heated tank and maybe add some stress coat to the water and they should be just fine
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Both girls are doing awesome so far. I've gotten a few more for my sorority from that guy and I have them in QT, as well.
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