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Will this light be good enough?

I purchased the following tank kit and it came with a "10 light LED clip on". It is a 5 gallon and will house one Betta and perhaps a nerite snail (and heater and filter). I want some plants. I am wondering if the light that came with the tank will be sufficient.

I like to research things before I jump in and I must say the whole lighting thing is kind of hard to grasp. And boy are there a lot of different (and expensive!) light systems out there. Any links to "aquarium lights for dummies" kind of thing would be appreciated as well.

I don't really want to get into "high tech" where I need CO2 and such. I am good with adding Flourish, which I have already picked up. I have read about substrate and purchased Eco Complete. It was what was available and I believe I need to put that under the gravel??? I like the look of the Anubias (and know that they should not have the roots under substrate). I have seen and remember my aunt that always had guppies with what she called "Elodea" and I have found is called Anachris. My understanding is it can float or be planted. And would like others as well too.

My son (with my help) has a 30 gallon with 7 guppies and we would like some plants in there as well.

So in general are LEDS good for planted tanks or do I need something else?

Thanks for all your help!

hope I can add this link:
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I think you will probably need to look at another light source post 3 on this thread says they had little luck with plants and that LED . Anubias might be okay, but wont thrive. LEDs can either be great or bad, depending on how much they output and what colour temperature.

You can buy clip on LEDs or OTL (over tank lighting, which uses tube bulbs) on ebay or amazon. Ill try and find out what ones were supposed to be good when I get home. Another option (and likely cheaper) is to get a clamp lamp or desk lamp from Walmart or wherever, and put a decently rated daylight bulb in (5000-6800k, 5000 should do low-med well and 6800 should allow some higher light plants)

Soils are normally easier to maintain under a gravel/sand cap, yes. Much less messy if you ever rearrange things in there. :)

Liquid CO2 can open up some other plants with higher lighting, without the expense and hassle of pressurised. Dont know if that appeals as it is still a daily thing. :)
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BettaMummy -

I saw that post right after I posted my questions. Sorry I - know it is frustrating for everyone for new people to ask the same questions without searching if the questions has been asked and answered.

Thanks for the liquid CO2 info. I will check into that. That is something I could do.
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