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Anubias Help

My sister recently bought an Anubias plant for her frog tank. She's not known for doing her research or taking the best care of living things so I usually check up on the frog daily. She never forgets to feed him but I'm usually the one cleaning out the tank. Today I noticed the plant had lost a few leaves and was turning brown and starting to die. I don't have any experience with Anubias so I did a quick google search and found out that the lighting in the tank is not sufficient and they require fertilizer. My sister is willing to give me the plant so yay! I'm going to be moving it to the 5 gallon with Poseidon as that gets just about the right lighting and his tank is looking a little bare plant-wise.
What is the best fertilizer to buy? How can I save the plant now that it has started to die? And any other helpful tips you have to offer! Thank you.
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Anubis is a very easy plant. Mine thrive with the LED lighting that came in my top fin 5gal hood. I use seachem flourish, but it isnt necessary for an anubis.

Btw, the plant cannot be buried in substrate. It will cause it to rot and die. For this plant, you need to attach it to something,like driftwood, or a rock. I attched mine to a rock with a rubber band, and about a month later the rubberband fell apart and the roots attached themselves to the rock. You can even float it, just dont plant it in gravel or sand.
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Aqua Aurora
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Please take a clear photo of the anubias, including the rhizome and roots (underside).
It's very undemanding plant and can survive though not thrive in lesser light and without ferts. However this plant has an issue with a contagious disease within the species called rhizome rot, the name ecentally describes the end result: rhizome rots and the plant dies. Sympotms influxesves dieing and discoloration and softening of the rhizome, as ist progresses you can also sometimes smell a trash can stench coming from the plant when pulled out of the water when it's nearly gone.
The disease mostly sticks to anubais but a few other plants can be effected including crypts (shows from leaves melting off then the crypt will die completely (not to be confused with the crypt melt that sometimes occurs to newly added crypts adapting to the tank). I'd recommend removing the anubias and putting it in a container of water either by the tank or by a window to get indirect light. A good photo can help confirm if it's diseased.
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