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Post Well, here we go again!

Most of you out there dont know me. I will give you a brief summary of who i am, and how i began my passion for breeding.

I was always an animal lover and through the ages had multiple different animals ranging from birds, mice, lizards, turtles, ducks, cats dong, and the list goes on. The only experience with fish i ever had was a few simple goldfish, and my turtles.

A few years back in December, days before Christmas, me and my girlfriend at the time would always go shopping at pet stores to get her dog some food, treats, ect. while she shopped, i would walk around and explore the animals. One day i wandered into the fish section and spotted the hundreds of bettas stacked against the wall. That was the day i fell in love. i spotted an all black Crowntail male. my ex noticed my attraction to him and secretly bought him for me. That Christmas i became the proud owner of my first betta (named him snuggles)

I loved snuggles, but i was very ignorant with care (much like many new betta owners). snuggles was in a tiny tank because i thought bettas "can live in anything" he had no heater and i rarely did water changes. Living in such a tiny container of cold dirty water, can you guess what happened next? NO, snuggles did not die! However he did get very sick, and i am grateful for this. This moment was when my entire betta hobby changed. I went right to the internet, researching bettas, health, care. i was desperate to save snuggles (research, something i should have done right away when i first got him, not once i realized something was wrong... Forgive me Snuggles..)

This is when my story gets better; I cured snuggles, got him a 5 gal heated tank, life plants and a good light, variety of food. He was such a happy boy after that. Showing off his fins, and dancing around in the plants, i always figured that was his thank you.

Now as we are all well aware, if you Google something, they give you soo many options. so when i typed the word betta, my interest was tweaked when i saw "betta breeding". No harm in just looking right? after watching a few videos, and reading a few articles, i was hooked.

--This is where im probably going to make a lot of betta breeders look down upon me, dont worry i think i redeem myself later--

i went to work buying supplies, looking up steps and all that stuff. went out and bought another male and 2 females. an all red male CT ( named -Cortez) and a all red female CT (named her Red) also had a small green CT female (named - Midget). I built a gorgeous spawning tank. My first attempt (Midget + Cortez) can you guess how it went? Yup, you probably guessed it, it failed horribly and i began to realize maybe its not as easy as i thought (just like soo many hobbyists hat decided it would just be a fun way to kill time) after a little more planning and research i tried my luck with Snuggles and Red. they were such a cute couple and instantly had a bond. They made babies... i was so happy seeing all the fry going crazy in the enormous bubble nest Snuggles made (he was a real pro at nest making). Again im sure you can guess what happened next. lack of research = diseased dead fry after 2 weeks.

I decided to take a break, not breed again until i have researched everything there is to research. Thats when i joined this site. i ordered a few more bettas. Cortez died due to unknown causes (possibly stress from the spawn attempt) i Bought a beautiful red and blue male CT to replace him, as well as 6 more females.

i had a 20 or 30 gal tank (dont really remember exactly) i made a simple female sorority and they got along swimmingly. pun intended. it was a beautiful, well planted tank. i had each male in his own 5 gal.

Back in action. so with fresh stock and lots of knowledge, i began to try again. try after try i conditioned, introduced and watched my pairs. time after time i failed. Was i beginning to get discouraged? Oh yeah, discouraged doesnt even describe the least of it. finally after about 10 tries my new young male found a female he really liked, built a huge nest danced his fins off to win my girls heart and when i released her..... instantly they went at it under the nest. i was shocked. i was still in the process of removing the glass barrier that protected the female and they were already in their first embrace.

This is where i tell you a little bit about myself. Im in the army, and shortly after this successful spawn i learned that i was being shipped to Afghanistan. after a month of raising my fry, i was gone and had to trust my family to care for the many lives i brought into this world.

This is the part of my story that brings a tear to my eye every time.

A few months into my deployment, i saw on the news that a huge storm was heading for the East cost. Superstorm sandy. I live in NJ, north and close to the ocean. my house was rendered without heat or electricity for 2 weeks. Despite the many things going wrong with the house, my family tried their best to keep my bettas warm. But theyre attempts were Futile, the water became dirty, the temp dropped too low, there was no light and the plants began to self destruct and decay. Every betta, adults and the few month old fry, got sick... Fatally sick.. i lost them all.

I wrote a lot here, and i guess its my way of blowing off steam.

i will bring this to a conclusion. i get home from afghanistan soon, and i have been doing a ton of planning and research, this summer i will pick up where i left off, buy some new stock and continue to have success? i hope so.

moral of the story is, 1) Research. its very important and i recommend every new person to breeding or betta keeping should do a lot of it 2) talk to people who have been there and done it. you can read 1000 articles but a successful breeder can tell you tips and secrets. 3) even when everything goes right- things can always find a way to go wrong.

R.I.P Snuggles, you were the one who opened my eyes and lead me to my passion. you will always be remembered.
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Jibruno First, Thank you so much for your service. It is such a sacrifice of you and your family.

Second, I hope things are getting back to "normal" for your family back here in the states. I have not seen much in the news about how things are going up there. (I'm in Kentucky)

I have been breeding and raising bettas and many other types of community fish for years. I have had times when I either had to get rid of everything, or lost everything for one reason or another. It can be heartbreaking. In August, I had to sell off all my fish and my 150 gallon community tank because my Mom came down with stomach cancer and she lived in TN. So on my days off, I spent going back and forth between my parents and home. With no time to take care of them, I knew they would eventually die or become sick. So I bit the bullet and sold everything. Mom passed in October. I recently bought me my first fish, giant bettas from Thailand! I have a spawn that is still young, you can see the progress in the spawn log section of this forum. I want to offer you a pair for free, when they are big enough, if you are interested. And thanks again for your service!
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Location: New Jersey
i am sorry for your loss, and i can honestly say your your sympathy and generosity has me speechless.
If it is not too much of a hassle, i would be honored to receive a pair of your fry. sorry if my response is short, like i said, im a little speechless at the moment.
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Old 02-21-2013, 12:21 PM   #4 
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Location: Michigania
Oh, man, I can only imagine how heartbroken I would be in your situation Jibruno! I hope your family is getting back on their feet.

I wish you the utmost success in your future adventures of breeding, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you for your service.

(Louisvillelady, that was awesome of you!)
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Old 02-21-2013, 12:55 PM   #5 
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Location: Central Ohio, USA
Thank you so much for your service. I'm sorry that you lost Snuggles and your other bettas to that horrible storm, and wish you tons of luck with your future endeavours.
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Post lots of pictures and videos of your pairs, attempts, ect. I want to follow a new thread, rather than jump in on an older one.
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Jibruno, Its a deal then! :) I just know how hard it can be sometimes...sometimes it seems most of the time. When something as small as a fish can bring a little happiness, and you lose that as well, well, its hard. Besides, I can tell my little fry will get lots of love in your care! As soon as they get big enough, I will start posting pics. I don't have a camera right now that doesn't come out blurry.
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I also want to say thank you for your service, and I am sorry for the way things went down =[ I wish you a lot of success with your spawn and a safe return. Please let us know how your spawn goes! A lot of us could learn from you and/or share tips on breeding ^^
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Old 02-21-2013, 10:00 PM   #9 
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Sorry to hear about your family. I hope they're getting back on their feet. I know how hard natural disasters can be. And I'm also sorry about your fish. I'm sure your family tried their best.

I've just has a flood and still cleaning after a month. I've lost all of my younger spawns/fry and half of the few bettas that survived the flood either died of disease or hunger for they wouldn't eat pellets and I couldn't get/feed frozen blood worms or any other live/frozen foods for 2 weeks.

louisevillelady; I'm sorry about your mom. Losing a loved one is never easy. Btw, it was very generous of you.
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Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: New Jersey
Everyone, thank you for your kind words and sympathy. i will be sure to post lots of pictures of my spawns to come, im sure they will be very successful and i will be happy to share the experience.
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