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Cooling Fan?


When we have a heat wave in LA, it goes up to 100F for several days in the summer, every other week or so for about 2 months (Aug-Sept). My question is: I do not turn on air conditioning during the heat wave since I am at work, do I need a cooling fan or chiller just in case for the betta?

Or should I just put blue ice wrapped in a towel against the tank wall?

Or should I just go without cooling for about 14 days total of heat wave?

I thought about adding a little refrigerate water but then the temp variation will be too drastic in a short period of time.

Tank :
5g planted (hygrophilia, wisteria, marimo moss ball, some crypts, anacharis)
53gph filter (baffled with a sponge at outflow valve)
1 Betta 4 Amano shrimp 1 Golden Apple Snail

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Last summer was the first time I had a betta, and I kept my A/C on just for my betta. haha. I usually only keep it on while sleeping, but we have hot days during the summer, so I just kept my A/C on all day at about 78 degrees.

That makes me wonder... what do they do in the wild? I know Asia gets really hot in the summer. I know we keep bettas in much smaller bodies of water than in the wild so the temperature fluctuations are greater, but I'm sure the water in their natural habitat must get really warm in the summer.

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