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Greetings from Bermuda

Hi, I'm Sara and I'm the mom.

I've just signed up to this discussion board on behalf of my son, Tommy, who is 10-1/2 and madly in love with keeping fish.

My dad kept fish for years and years, so I have a lot of that subliminally acquired knowledge of fish through him, and have kept bettas myself off and on through the years, so I know a little about basic care and maintenance. And thankfully, we have a really awesome store not too far from us that has been very helpful for us.

Tommy started keeping a betta almost two years ago, first in traditional glass bowl, then moving her to a 5-gallon tank. She did well for a very long time, but she did, very sadly, die just a few days ago.

He is interested in possibly breeding bettas eventually. We adopted a male from a friend a few months ago, but he also died recently (we have no idea how old he was). His death was then followed by the deaths of two more fish in a very short time. One was actually sick when we brought him home, and we've also had a very unexpected cold spell in a country that is normally warm at this time of year (it usually stays above 70 in Bermuda in the winter), which did not help things at all... The whole situation was traumatic for Tommy, needless to say...

THANKFULLY, we think we've got everything sorted!!! (Again, thanks to all the help from our local shop!!!) We now have a beautiful male swimming around our 5-gallon tank who is very, very active and flares just about every time I come near the tank, though he doesn't do that to my son! LOL!

Anyway, that's us. Sometimes it'll be me posting, though I would imagine that most of the time it'll be my son, Tommy, posting.
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Welcome to Bettas R Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about your rough start, but so glad you didn't give up. I always say a successful aquarium keeper is a newbie fish killer that didn't give up. I know cause I am one! lol
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

Nice to meet you...

Hope you get your water problem cleared up soon...
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