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Upgrading woes

My Betta has been living in a 1 gallon bowl since the day I got him. I upgraded his home to a 10 gallon tank with tank mates to keep him company. He was stressed out for the first day when I placed him in his new home, swimming around like his head was caught off. Soon he grew comfortable and start loving his home. Recently I notice he started to decline. Bloating to fin rot. His personalty just died. I felt bad for him and wonder if I should leave him be after
he is back to health or move him back to his old home where he is comfortable in, and rescue another Betta for the tank.

What are your upgrading woes when you introduce your Betta in a bigger environment.
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How many and what kind of tank mates do you have? Also, how often do you clean his tank? And what are the ammonia levels?
Too many tank mates can cause the ammonia levels to sky rocket, as can not cleaning it often enough. That will cause your fish to become ill.
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+1 with sainthogan. I'd find out what's causing the problem otherwise you could have the same problem with another Betta if you don't fix it.
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Yes a bigger tank does not equal less work, with more fish the ammonia will go up faster, a filter and some live plants will help but unless you have a ton of live plants you will still need to do atleast weekly water changes of 50%, as far as the betta adjusting to the new tank he will eventually, I had one betta that threw a fit because of tank location I had to move the tank back to where it was, so they can be difficult at time
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I think there area some pieces missing from the story here... what are the tank mates, what are the water paramters, etc?
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