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Husband brought home a neglected VT. What do I need to do?

My husband went to a friends house and brought home this sad guy. He's definitely skinny. In the picture you can see all of the food that was dumped in there today by the previous owner. I can't quite tell if his scales are starting to pinecone, or if he's just that skinny. I'm heading to petsmart so I can pick up whatever we need. He will go into the 2 gallon Kritter keeper for quarantine. Name:  image.jpg
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I can't upload all of the pics for some reason but this should give you an idea. He came in a glass bowl with brown water. I'm acclimating him to clean water now
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Be wary of comparing a pet store betta to a known breeder's betta. Pet store bettas tend to be on the smaller side. It is sad that this VT was neglected. IME, my pet store bettas always tend to look skinny, but I can promise you that they all eat like champs. From the top, a majority of bettas can appear "skinny". They shouldn't look like they're full all the time, as this can be detrimental to their health. I hope that this link can help you. Get him some nice pellets like Omega One or New Life Spectrum. If he does not want to eat, take the pellet out and try again later. Eventually he'll eat. You can feed him frozen blood worms as well for treats, as this provides a nice amount of protein. However, the pellets should be his staple diet. It's nice to hear about people who are able to rescue someone else's fish. I wish more people would do it. Hats off to you! ^_^
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I would get a 2-10 gallon tank, Kritter Keepers do work well. As well as a heater appropriate for the size, and an air pump with an air stone is always a good idea. Get a couple SILK plants (sold at pretty much any pet store), as they will not shred the fish's fins. Get a thermometer, too.

Omega One is a good food, I use it, & also flakes & frozen foods are good supplements. In Summer (or if you live in a warmer climate), if you set out a pan of water, after a few weeks mosquitoes will lay eggs in the DIRTY water (it needs to get dirty, or else they won't lay). When these mature, they make a great food supplement. Rinse with tank water before feeding.

Hope this helps! I hope your Betta gets better!!!!! (Have you named him? ;) )

Some useful links!
I use this one ^, but it keeps the water somewhat cold in my 3 gal. :/

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