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KwDel, maybe you want to make a thread instead of posting in other people's threads? There's a button that says 'New Thread' in the corner above the box with all the threads. Click it, add a title to your thread, type what you want to say, and there you go.
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Originally Posted by iJessie View Post
I feed them both a mix or blood worm and a flake food with fridge dried brine shrimp in it . The tank is a 5 gallon about half way full.
Plants for the female. I have a lid top it's round with a little hole in the middle , for the nest , he will blow like 5 bubbles then swim off ... But they are never in the same place ?
The male was in their alone for about 2 days.
The female is bloated like crazy with eggs and has the vertical strips I've seen her put her head down & be submissive to him.
I would try a different anchor - he may just not like that one in particular. I've had great success using a smallish portion of bubblewrap for the males who aren't great bubble nest makers.. it will help give him the ideal of what to do, also it will help keep what bubbles he makes a bit sturdier. I would try something like that and see how he does.

If he still doesn't make much of a nest it's still not a big worry - some males will not make nests until the eggs are laid, etc. So don't give up yet.. if the female is showing signs, and if the male seems interested in her, then let them together and see what happens. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a week or two before they actually breed sometimes. So patience is the key.

You can take them both out, leave them in their own tank with no view of another betta for a couple days and then reset - adding the male in at the same time as the female (not separated), or can see what happens now without removing either of them (add in the bubblewrap prior to letting her loose if you can get some.. if not, then just release her and let them figure it out).

Next time I wouldn't add the male in that much in advance - if the female is bursting with eggs I may keep them separated (in tank) for a few hours to a day then release.. but I place them both in the breeding tank at the same time. But that is how I do it and have learned it, others may do it differently.

Originally Posted by KwLDeL View Post
Hello y'all. Real fast just want to say thanks to everyone I been getting get advice and really appreciate eveyones time...ok now my question My betta Masuka has started making bubble nest I just want to make sure I'm understanding so this means he is trying to attract females and is perfectly normal some may even say that it is signs of a happy and content betta, is this correct? Also I recently added a leaf (hammock) for him and want to know where it sould be ideally e.g. At the top of the water or lower should it be in corner with other plants or a separate corner giving him more options? One last thing I'm reading to let him fast once a week, is this a good idea and I feel bad on days I bother him by cleaning his tank what could I give him as a treat? Oh sorry last last thing I ordered a fungus ball good or no? Again love the all the help and support for y'all and Masuka thanks you also
As mentioned, usually better to start your own thread as it makes it easier for you to get help, and for the original poster to get the help they need as well :)

BUT - ;)

Bubble nests are instincts - they tend to be created due to weather systems coming through (such as storms - berometer drops and some make them like crazy, etc), territorial marker and when a female is nearby they will create it to attract her for breeding. It isn't about the "happiness" of a fish (as they can't feel "happy", a sick/dying betta can build one too and sometimes you will see them in those little cups they are in at the store. Sick fish don't build them as often.. but it does happen. We owners like to think of bubble nests means they are happy and content.. and it's a nice feeling :)

I place my hammocks below the surface with enough space that they can swim onto it with no trouble, and that they won't be out of the water any. You can place it however high/low you wish - but a little higher works good for them as they can sleep on it and go up for air easier.

You don't "have" to fast.. depends on how much you feed him normally. If you feed only a few pellets a day then I recommend not fasting, but if you feed them a lot, then skipping a meal here and there won't harm them. I will skip a meal once or twice a week personally. Sometimes I skip dinner one evening, the next morning I skip breakfast.. so it's almost a day without food (the hours spend not eating), but they still get food those days.

I feel bad on water changes too, so when I do mine I feed right after just to give them a "perk up" from the stress.. they readjust quickly, in my experience, when fed right after. I feed such a wide variety from frozen, live, homemade, pellets that there are no "treats" - if you want to treat them then I would go with frozen bloodworms... personally none of mine like freeze dried, so I would lean more towards frozen (frozen is also a bit healthier). But treating isn't needed, yours would be really happy with an added pellet or two after a change - food is food for them :)

Moss balls are fine - make sure to take it out when you clean the tank, gently squeeze it in tank water you removed during cleaning and place it back down on a different side it was laying on previously to help prevent discoloration. I haven't seen any of mine actually do anything for green algae - the tank my moss ball is in actually gets a TON of algae whereas none of my other tanks do. So.. personal opinion I like them, cute (I named mine Swamp Thing), a little beneficial to the water.. but more of a gimmick that is fun :)
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Yea I'm working on learning the ropes on this site, but thanks so so much for the time and great info
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So I woke up to this :)!
Should I wait longer or release her ?
Whatcha guys think!
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If she is receptive to him, barred up, filled with eggs etc. And he is showing interest in her then try releasing them together! I had a few males that would only start building a nest once the female was released, I even had one that didn't build a thing until they starting breeding and he built the nest as he blew the bubbles into it. Release her and keep an eye on them
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Shes checked out the bubble nest and stuff , and they have been under it together, no spawning yet thou. He hasn't chased or bit or flared or anything.
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They should be flirting with each other.. if neither are showing interest (dancing, chasing, following each other around) then they may not be ready. Showing no interest means one or both just isn't ready.
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breeding, bubble nest, wont build a bubble nest

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