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Well, I am amazed. And very happy!

My betta fish, Maui, has been with me for a little over a year now. He has been what I call my "problem" fish. He is a fin nipper and has many issues that we have fought together. He's also been with me through a lot. So, he is very dear to me.

A few months ago, when I was out of town, he got a wound on his side. I have no idea what caused it. My best guess is that he got caught between a decoration, or maybe it happened on his old filter. Either way, I made changes to his setup and we have been working on healing the cut.

It had been looking real good, but a few weeks ago it got worse. I noticed last week that he had fungus (saprolegnia, from what I can tell) growing from the wound. So I started treating him for the fungus. He has been eating fine and the only thing that had changed was that he was lethargic for a few days around the time the fungus showed up.

After I started treating the fungus, he perked right up and was his old self again. The fungus fell off, the wound started healing. I did the recommended water change on the medication on Friday and noticed he was lying on his side.

He couldn't right himself, and was swimming on his side. He went downhill from there, fast. I truly thought he was dead several times. I started researching ways to euthanize him and planned where he would be buried. But I decided to give it a day.

He spent a day floating on his side at the top of his tank, gills barely moving, flopping around every hour or so. Then, this morning, I turn on his light and he has righted himself and swam right over to me when he saw me!

He was still struggling at that time, but looked so much better than he did yesterday. As the day has gone on, he just looks better and better. I know he isn't 100% and it could still go downhill again, but I am truly amazed at this. I, and my family were convinced he was going to be dead very soon. I am so so glad I didn't euthanize him.

I am so thrilled, I had to share! I will keep you updated on his progress! He's swimming around his tank right now, watching me.
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Old 02-24-2013, 05:11 PM   #2 
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YAY! I hope he continues to improve for you!
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Thanks so much, Skyewillow! I have my fingers crossed that he is going to go on to live a few more happy years. He's certainly scared me pretty well this week. I just hated seeing him struggle.
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