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Bubble Nest?

I came home from work today and saw that my betta fish made a small bubble nest in the corner of his bowl! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Why do they make bubble nests?
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It's a sign that he's ready to breed. They build them because the males are the ones who tend to the eggs and the fry and the nests are where the eggs are kept. It's generally a good thing, but it's not a sign of health or happiness. A friend's sister many, many years ago, had a Betta in an 8 oz cup, she hardly ever changed his water, and his fins were so clamped they looked like strings. Yet, he still made bubble nests that overflowed the cup. He lost all his color and died after only a few months (Bettas should live several years), but made nests up until the week that he died.
So just because yours is making a nest, it only means that he's old enough to breed, not that he's healthy or happy.
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It's a very good sign; bubble nests are usually a good indication of a happy & healthy Betta. :) Bubble nests are for raising young, but Betta's don't necessarily need to have fry eggs or even have a female around to build them. It's just a drive they have.

Correction; I was lead to believe it meant a happy, healthy Betta but I would go with sainthogan's answer since they're a senior member and I'm relatively new to the Betta care world. My apologies.
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okay so bettas blow bubble nests when they want to breed...... it can be a good sign because a betta needs to be at least relatively healthy to want to breed however in saying this it is not always an accurate indicator of health status.
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