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Help! What's wrong???

My betta was happy, healthy, and very active. I made a mistake today though, and I am worried my betta is dying.

I was cleaning his bowl. I clean it everyday since I don't have a filter. I was in a hurry. I have a heater and thermometer on the side of the bowl and I am usually SO careful with keeping the temperature perfect. But I was in such a hurry, I cleaned his bowl, filled it up with water, floated him in it for a few minutes, but never checked the temperature. I felt it quickly, but didn't pay much attention. After i floated him for a few minutes, I put him in the water. He went nuts. He was acting really panicked and I was wondering what was going on. I looked at the thermometer and the water was HOT! My thermometer goes up to 86 degrees, but the water was so hot it couldn't read it. I instantly grabbed a cup and filled it up with tap water and caught Tony and put him in cooler water.

I let the water in his bowl cool down. Whenever it got down to 80, I floated him in the cup and then put him in the bowl. He moved a round quite a bit at first, for about 20min. He was acting fine, but suddenly starting acting very lethargic and sick. He just sits at the top of his bowl with his mouth above the water.

Is he dying? Am I going to wake up in the morning to a dead fish? I feel awful! I should have been paying more attention! I am so stupid!

Off topic, but in case he would live, I put a water lily bulb in his bowl. I want him to have some real plants in there. Are water lilies okay for betta fish?
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Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do at this point. Cover his bowl and place him in a dark place. you'll know within 3 days if he's going to make it.
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