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Male in a refugium

Would a male betta be able to live in a large refugium with the refugium hanging inside a sorority? Or would he go insane of never being able to be with the girls?
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Back when I used to have splendens, I used to keep males in my sorority tank from time to time inside of breeding nets/boxes.

I found after a couple of days of flaring and flirting, they lost interest and tended to ignore each other.

Only thing you have to be careful of is that your male cannot escape. I had a male killed and another maimed when the suction caps on their nets failed and they fell into my sorority tank.
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I've never had any issue. When I have a new male come in that needs QT'd I'll often times put him in a 1 gallon (or so) critter keeper or net and float him in the sorority so he has stable heat. They definitely try to go after the girls, but after a few days, like LBF said, they end up realizing they are stuck there and calm down.

But you always have to be careful about him being able to escape. Try to cover it with something if at all possible.
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