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Veil Betta Tail Problem :(

Hi there,
I was wondering if any of you could help me with my betta fish problem. I have a red veil betta and a few weeks after I got it a silvery/blue patch grew on its tail. It doesn't look fuzzy, it looks quite rough and it seems to be spreading larger. I did have an ammonia problem when i first got the fish but that was sorted out a long time ago. Ive been looking around at other posts on the forum and I cant seem to put my finger on what the problem might be as I haven't seen anything about a silvery/blue growth, only wooly fungus type growths which it isn't. The rest of its tail looks pretty tattered as well. It kind of clumps on the top fin. There are no problems with the fishes health, it looks happy and hasn't been behaving strange.
Heres a photo:

Thanks for your help
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Please provide some information on your tank:

Here's a helpful link:

I think it is fin curling and fin rot, although fin rot is usually all black. Anyway, your fish needs treatment, you should wait for someone more experienced to reply. Until then, keep the water clean because poor water quality is probably what caused this.

Hope someone helps you!
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He seems to have a bit of rot on the very edges, I'm not sure about the silvery blue... I do see some silvery blue/green iridescence on his tail... which makes me think it is possible that it might be his natural coloration. We will be able to help you better after you post your water parameter.
Fin rot is often caused by water that isn't clean enough.
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blue growth, silver mark, tail problems, veil betta

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