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Moving Betta into New Aquarium

Howdy all,

I finally bought a new aquarium with a filter as every recommended on here to have my Betta and snail together. Well I just ran into a problem, my Betta in his one gallon bowl is loving it so much that he is making a nice bubble nest. His new aquarium is much larger and has filter, and a heater.

I am going to put the heater in before leaving for work, but I was wondering how I should introduce him into his new aquarium. I know I have to remove all of his gravel and fixtures out and put them into the new aquarium, and I have to add some of his bowls water to his new home, but I am just curious as to how I should go about it.

The new aquarium already has its water conditioned and it will hit its 24 hour run by the time I get home tonight from work. I just want to make sure I do this right, because I want my Betta to create his bubble nest again. It's really fun watching him make one, I never realized how big their bubble nests can get compared to the size of a Betta
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Congrats on the new tank. Cup your Betta from his current home & move over everything you want into the new tank. The water has a little BB but very little so moving it over is not a necessity. You do not have to let the tank run for 24 hrs before introducing your Betta, that does not cycle the tank. Have you read about fish IN cycling a tank? If not you should because this is what you will be doing, you should test your water daily with a liquid water test kit & do a water change if your ammonia or nitrItes are >.25, nitrAtes >20 or Ph <6.5. To properly acclimate your Betta to his new tank, float his cup in the tank, leave only enough water in the cup for him to comfortably swim around, add 1 tablespoon of the new tank's water to his cup every 15 minutes for at least an hour, then him add to the tank, I use my hand to scoop him out of the cup others use a net.
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