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shrimp hating betta

hey guys,

so I tried to introduce 3 cherry shrimps and an amano to my red double tail betta in a 5g and he immediately was like "WHAT IS IN HERE" to the bag, then when they were in the tank he chased them all around and were nipping at them. >_> I quickly rescued them and put them in my other 5g which has no other fish - its being prepped for another. Do you think its a lost cause to introduce other tank mates to a betta like that? (like a snail) I really wanted to put an algae in there because of the plant debris and green algae.

Would it work more smoothly if I say introduced shrimps first to a tank, and then the betta?
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I don't have experience with shrimp but all of my tanks have snails. Intitially I think some had their antennae nipped but that didn't last long. I actually watched my one males swim on top of his mystery snail & rest there, the snail closed up a little but not all the way, the Betta moved & the snail went on his merry way.
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Honestly, I would cup him and maybe rearrange the decor a bit and add the tank mates first to give them a chance to find all the hiding places, *then* add the betta. In my tank I did shrimp first, betta second and gave the shrimp a 24hr head start. It all went swimmingly when I introduced Alpha to his new home and servants (they're his servants because they clean up after him, and the assassins keep the paparazzi (the pest snails) at bay... they all work for him ;) ) He chased one of the Jaquescleans around for a bit and every now and then he'll give a little chase (by little I mean maybe half the 5gal tank's length) but for the most part, he totally ignores them when he sees them (or their offspring, who are much smaller & flittier & are about the size of the bloodworms that he sometimes gets...)
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