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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
Here are some of the smaller ones. the two bixes are about 1 quart. one is just for lowlight plants. the other one (I gave away) is for my blackworm culture ( so there were wriggly worms all down the bottom)
The Jar is less than 1/2 gallon... (maybe 1/3?) and held a scud culture, which I also gave away. There was one hitch hiker cherry shrimp in there which I didnt know what to do with when I found him.

My own Betta is actually in a large cube vase :)
Meh, Photobucket is blocked at work so I can't see the pics now, but where did you get your scuds?? I had one that hitchhiked on plants one time and it was so cool! I loved watching it! It died or was eaten after a week, though, but I'd love to have some scuds in my 55 gallon tank that I'm setting up.
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++ on go for it! Beautiful work, aokashi!
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select the right plants and they will be a joy to keep. Pick the wrong ones and it will be more work and less joy before you realize.
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