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Maybe you gave me another chance after all... Pics + Story!

So, around three weeks ago, I had bought another male betta who I had named Itzadoozie Fibber. Well, when I got Fibber, things looked real bad for him. He had inflamed gills, refused to eat, and had raised scales. No matter what I tried, his condition only worsened until a few days later when he passed on from dropsy. I always regretted that boy's death and wished that I could have done something better and it always got to me... he was the first rescue fish I got who I couldn't save. Well, I took a samples of tank water along with him, and learned that there had a BIG spike of ammonia in all my tank water!! Apparently my tap water had an ammonia spike in it, which allowed Fibber Sr. to pass on the way he did... I was devastated. I was always one to take OCD care of each of my tanks and do my best to keep them clean, and hearing that there was such high ammonia in my tap really jarred me. I had tried my best with Fibber's care and gave him an Epsom treatment with daily water changes in the hope it would have helped him, but hearing that there was an ammonia problem really made me realize I couldn't have done anything anyways. Ever since then, I've switched to using Seachem Prime as my conditioner and it seems as if that's taking care of the random times the tap has the ammonia in it. Thank god I use filtered water for my drinking water...

Well, here's where the story gets happy! Today I decided to go to a different LFS and went inside to get my other boy, Orpheus, some meds for his horrifying case of fin rot, as well as some NLS pellets. Well, whenever I go in a pet store that specializes in fish, I decide to go down to the fish section and see how they care for their animals. I immediately saw that they carried quite a few bettas. When I looked over at the crowntails, I nearly had a heart attack! Sitting there in a little glass bowl was Fibber! Well, it looked EXACTLY like Fibber! He even looked over at me, gave me the eyes, and started doing circles in the tank. I still can't believe it. Perhaps he's one of Fibber's siblings? Maybe the fish gods reincarnated him? I don't know. Either way, he was an exact copy of Fibber, down to his exact colouring, little piebald face, and the black eyes. So, of course, I walked out of the store with more than I intended to buy and left with Fibber Jr. So far he's doing good in his 3 gallon bowl! Placed him right by Orpheus' tank, and the two like to give a little flare to one another and zip off in the opposite direction.

Who knows, maybe this is Fibber's idea of giving me a second chance at doing things right! Anyways, here are the pics! First one is Fibber Sr. (S.I.P) and the rest are Fibber Jr. just for comparison! So happy I can give this guy a sweet loving home.

For those who say TL;DR: Had a cool but sick crowntail named Fibber, he died a few days after I got him from dropsy. Went into a different pet store for supplies, saw his exact twin and bought him.
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That is such a cool story :) Do you have a picture of the first Fibber? That way we could see how similar they are! He looks beautiful.
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She said the first picture is of Fibber #1 and the rest are of the new boy! They look identical! I think it was fate! And he is beautiful!!
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I guess I missed that.... Wow! That is amazing! They look EXACTLY the same!
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Aww! Wat a story.. Yay for rescues. ^^
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