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some quick questions

amale I am new here and I have a few questions. During my last deployment I started breeding bettas as a hobby I had 3 veil tails males and 2 crown tail males with 3 crown tail females and 4 veil tail females I have breed 2 spawns with 2 different techniques the first technique was leave male in remove female it worked okay until 3rd day he ate all spawns I was left with nothing it was from 1 CT male one VT female the second time no parents left in it was 1 CT male and 1 CT female only got 2 to spawn I left all my fish except one VT in Afghan and I'm now in the states and started over I have one CT female named coral who seems to have eggs and 1VT female with eggs her name is cortana I have my VT male from Afghanistan named bronco 1 Double tail halfmoon named Master Chief and a big ear DT HM named spinny (girlfriend named him) I only buy from breeders so I know what I'm getting and only sale to breeders although a pet shop here who specialize in betta said they wouls buy from me what is a good technique and as far as cross breeding tails due to me never find ding halfmoon females let alone big ears in the area is it okay? I like breeding its somewhat therapeutic but I want something to be a con create technique some guy who says he is number one breeder said to remove both male and female after eggs are spawned and also said don't use glass tanks as hachery so I bought a big blue laundry container so please any help from successful breeders will be awesome I will post pictures soon
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There are lots of different ways to breed, rear and keep this species. You will get different answers from different breeders (but stay away from "the best breeder in the world" - for now anyway). There are a few basic characteristics that you should always consider;

1. male instinctively care and rear eggs and fry. Good fathers will keep eggs clean from mold and later feed newly hatched fry. UNFORTUNATELY many have changed. Now you will find many different behaviors; males not picking up nor tending the eggs, male eating eggs and fry, etc. I'm not saying that there are no good fathers anymore. I'm just saying that you have to treat every individual male differently.

2. Glass is a better heat conductor compared to plastic and thus heat will fluctuate more in glass tanks. BUT new to breeding should IMO breed in something they can easily see through so they can understand bettas behavior, determine when spawning is done, spot problems as soon as possible, etc.

I suggest you use the 10g glass tank method. Ideal and easier to care for fry. Later move them to a bigger grow out (after a month or so).

Since your male is a fry eater but cares for eggs, you can leave male in until fry are free swimming then immediately remove him. When you're dealing with known egg eaters, you will have to remove male as soon as spawning is done. You can leave eggs and hope for the best or you could move eggs to a small clean bowl and artificially hatch them.

I suggest you cross DTHM / DTHMEE x VT. Though you might get odd looking fry, yet they will be easier to work with compared if crossed to the CT. If possible, breed daughter back to father. Hopefully you will retain the HM trait.

Btw, welcome to the forum.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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