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When are betta fish supposed to hatch?

My Betta Fish just made baby's and I am really happy but I don't really know when they are supposed to hatch! Do you have any clue? I am very happy, I could scream! I even have a video of them! Their names are Burrieta and Spaz. Spaz is pink, blue, red, white, orange and purple and is the male! Burrieta is blue and the female who got half of her tale eaten off in the process!
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First things first. Its time to get Burrieta out of the breeding tank and into a place she can heal. The fry will hatch in a very short time like a couple of days. Spaz will keep an eye on the eggs and any that fall from the nest he will blow into a bubble to put them back in the nest. When they first hatch they won't be able to swim and he'll keep right on blowing them back into the nest in a bubble. After a couple more days, the fry will have absorbed their yolk sack and be able to move around fairly well. At that point you will need to remove Spaz and let the fry start to grow up on their own.
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meh. I would scold you for not reading up before spawning them :p hehe but that's ok ;) The eggs will hatch in approximately 2 days, with their tails hanging down. during this stage, they are still feeding off their yolk sacs and you do not necessarily need to put food in the tank. You have to observe them during this period, until they can swim horizontally. In my case, I remove the male at the first sight of a free-swimming fry. The others will soon follow after they are done with their yolk sacs. It is important to feed them immediately after you see them free-swimming, even if they are only 5 or less at that time. If you wait until all of them are horizontal, chances are that the first batch of free-swimming fry will be starved already.

What to feed them? Live food will always be the best, the wriggling or movement of the food will stimulate their natural instinct to eat it. As in nature they will eat anything that moves and can fit inside their mouth :) So by now you should already have a thriving culture of microworms, infusoria etc. You could also hatch BBS(baby brine shrimp). But don't fret if you don't have them yet. There are alternatives, like boiled egg yolk or Atison's Betta starter. In feeding boiled egg yolk, you pinch off a SMALL piece and run it through a fine cloth and dip it in the water. On the other hand, Atison's Betta starter is readily available on the net. Make sure to not overfeed, especially with the alternatives, as they spoil the water rather quickly :(

It would be best if you read up on it more, this site offers a great deal of information to help beginners like you :D
We're here to help ;)
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