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Hey guys, I have a 15 gallon tank with a small hmpk betta in there. I am looking for tank mates so I decided to pay a visit to local pet stores. They had alot of fish, but the cichlid fishes stood out of all. I was wondering if these fishes are compatible with bettas? Also what are the requirements for these fishes. I was interested in the blue peacock and fire mouth cichlids. Thnx for any help.
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No, I would not put cichlids in with betta.. There are some smaller varieties that may work- you can search Apistogrammas, but generally speaking most are too territorial to live with bettas, and it can be a risk.
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I agree nothing with your betta. A 15-20 gal is adequate for a breeding PAIR for cichlids, but its vital there are numerous caves in which one or other fish can hide. If you are new to cichlid species, I highly recommend doing your research. You would need to Vent the cichlids for breeding status, and that can be troublesome. You then must have a larger tank. 50 gal. is usually the standard.
I have a 60 gal, and have bred and kept Lake Malawi cichlids. These fish are semi to highly aggressive..however they are beautiful fish and can be worth it if you dedicate yourself to their health and care. :D
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