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Old 03-03-2013, 03:38 PM   #1 
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betta at the bottonm of the tank.

so why is my little betta freckles sitting at the bottom of his tank?.i recently moved him in a 3 gallon tank to clean/bleach his other tank which is a five gallon and had algea both brown and green in when i moved him in the 3 gallon he was fine then he began sitting athe bottom and i had to gently tap the tank a few times or check his gils to make sure he was still alive.i thought he was just bored and mised his bigger tank.but after awhile i grew concerned and switch him and the other male betta's tanks for a litle bit til i finished bleaching and cleanin his old tank.he gave the same results in the other male betta tank.not swimming and was hardly coming up to eat and just sitting at the bottom.

so after a really good cleaning with his old home i moved him back in there after 5 days so the tank could sit and dry. i out him back in his old home and the other one back in his tank that freckle was in.and the other one is fine he swims normal and is active.i have a female too and she is very fiesty and active as well she is in a 2.5 and is soon going to be moved in the tempory 3 gallon so i can clean her tank to to get the algea under control in her tank too.

but when i put freckles back in his home he did the same thing he did in the other tanks sat at the bottom barely came up for food.i had to move the water,tap the tank lightly,or check his gils to make sure he was still kickin.and he is but why id he no so active?

the water was tested fine,all the tanks he's been in have heaters and a light.and i know he is not like this from playing musical tanks(whick is how i feel when i switch the fish in the tanks for temporay or permenant purposes XD.the gallon has no pump only a heater,airstone,and disco light.(the tank was cheap and only for temporay purposes not official home for the fish.i kind hate the tank in truth actually.

but why is freckles sitting at the bottom? i can't see anything on him that is wrong.

i've had him for a year now.
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You probably shocked him.. repeatedly.

Did you match water temp by placing his in tank thermometer under the running tap?

How did you acclimate him after the change?
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Old 03-04-2013, 12:19 AM   #3 
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when he was in the temporay 3 gallon tank and 5 gallon tank or when he was back in his old tank?
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he was actually swimming a bit fine today but then just went straight to the bottom again.i'm starting to wonder if he he strugging with his swimming.he missed his food a few time like he lunge for it but completely miss it then not chase it like normal.i highly doubt that is the case.i'm looking at all posibilities though.just his sitting at the bottom worries me.i frowned at a betta at the pet store today cause he was doing what frecles was doing.but that fish had ick anf i know freckles does have ick i saw no white spots on him

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Originally Posted by Ashtreelogger View Post
when he was in the temporay 3 gallon tank and 5 gallon tank or when he was back in his old tank?
all of the above. How did you acclimate him each time you changed him from each tank?
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Old 03-05-2013, 12:54 AM   #6 
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i set up the 3 gallon a couple months ago and let it set then i got a heater for it to ,ale sure it was the right temprature for the bettas all the haters in the betta tanks and temp tank are the same the only heater that is different is the one inthe 10gallon tank which has algea problems to but i'm just gonna put an algea eater in that one cause it can live with the fish in there for a little while til he gets to big. but i made sure the temprature was the same as his tank i have one of those electric therometers and a regular therometer to to help me match the temprature of the tanks.

i did do a 25% water change begore putting him in that 3 gallon with just the airstone,light,and the heater i bought.i'm guess te airstone is acting as a pump or something cause that is houuw that tank came.

it' this thing$(KGrHqR,!ooFBul4Z8S7BQbzos!GJg~~60_35.JPG

i honestly don't like it the lid is a cheap easy to break plastic so there is no way to ad a pump ad i have cats and don't want their paws in the tank.

anywho i did the same thing when i movd him in the temporay 5 gallon,water change,temprature check everything.even when i finished rinsing his tank i checked everything waited 5days and moved him back but he was showing these syptoms when i moved him i the gallon.i moved him in the 3 gallon before once and he was fine but this time around something had to have happened
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I'm sorry your betta is not doing well. I agree that you may have shocked him.

However I also wanted to say that you should not bleach everything in a tank as you kill off good bacteria that keeps your fish alive.

Brown algae, diatoms, are really common in New set ups (New meaning a year or less). High nitrates, low light and high levels of silicates are the main causes. The best way to remove it is manually by using scrub brushes and rinsing decor in tank water, not bleach. The best way to prevent it is to increase light and decrease nitrates.

Introducing an algae eater to a small tank will do more harm than good. Plecos produce far more waste than the bio load of a small tank can handle. You will increase your nitrates and ammonia which will increase your brown algae and decrease the life of your fish.

Here is a little info on Brown algae

I hope your betta baby feels better, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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