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Badly Bloated Male Betta in 180 Plant Tank

I am perplexed by my "otherwise thriving" Betta, who has developed a badly bloated abdomin over the last weks.
He seems normal otherwise, being his spunky self, and there are no other apparent signs of disease. He still acts a bit aggressively towards tank mates.
But he has trouble swimming, tending to float upwards.
Some pics attached...
The only diagnosis I can make is some swim bladder problem. And the literature consistently blames this on overeating. But this seems unlikely in my case.
He has been in the 180 plant tank for about 9 months now, a;ways thriving and very active with good appetite. Food has been only various dried and freeze dried types.
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Angelfish do not make okay tank companions for bettas.. Usually the Angelfish will kill the betta.. Maybe he was attacked and this is actually residual internal damage..

That aside, more info please:

Definitely stop feeding him and also let us know if any of his scales are raised.
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You could go ahead try Epsom salt. I just treated my fish in separate container for 15 minutes (this isn't standard treatment from this site but I saw the advice elsewhere and it worked the advice was for 15-30 minutes depending on how comfortable the fish seems to be) and I witheld food for for 3-4 days and he got better. Once he was swimming normally from top to bottom of the tank is when I resumed feeding. Thereafter I limited to one pellet every other day, then one daily. One time he got two in one day and he showed signs of mild swim bladder again so I withheld for for one day and resume feeding. I also put about a teaspoon aloe based stress coat in the tank too. In humans aloe is supposed to help with constipation so I figured it could hurt to try it with a fish. I have read here that the dried worms can cause constipation so stop feeding them an stick with pellet that has fish as the first ingredient. I also learned a bettas stomach is the size of his eye so imagine that when your are feeding. I spread my feedings out now so he only eats one pellet at a time hours apart. Go see the fish disease stick for how much epsom salt to use. Angel are aggressive and nippy so I agree you should separate them.
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Kanra Chan
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You could try feeding him a skinned green pea to help his insides.
If he is acting normal, then that means you can get this before it turns serious.

My brother's betta had bloating that turned into a tumor paired with Columnaris, because he did not treat his fish.
I don't want to scare you or anything, but this scares me a little because my brother's fish looked exactly like that before he died.
His jumbo betta Rico got hit with Columnaris and Dropsy because he was not treated for the swelling. Columnaris hit because his immune system was impacted from the untreated bloating. Once their scales raise, or their attitude changes and they become lifeless, it's usually too late to treat. Dropsy and Columnaris have very high fatality rates

Definitely keep up on cleanliness and do what you can to get the swelling down before it causes organ failure. Like I mentioned before, feeding a skinned, cooked green pea and then fasting for a couple of days may help his insides recover. You may want to quarantine him or remove the other fish, and keep a close eye on him.
Since he is acting normal, you are in good shape for now.

Once again, I don't want you to panic or anything, I just want to make sure your fish doesn't go the way Rico did. The things I have suggested are from experience, but please use your best judgement when treating your betta.

I hope he gets better soon!
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