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betta and algae eater

so I plan to get a fluval chi 6.6 gal with black aquarium sand, and anubias, and possibly another plant or two (tiger lotus and/or sunset hygro), and a betta fish. This will be my first planted tank, and I understand that algae could be a problem, so I was thinking about investing in algae eater..

my problems are as follows:
- it seems that all species of pleco will grow to large
- siamese algae eaters will be impossible to find at my LFS, and I would prefer not to have a school of fish, as I don't feel that the tank is large enough, and it makes transport to/from university (6 hours) a lot harder
- I love corys but I don't want a school, and I know corys are terrible travellers either way
- Shrimp don't particularly appeal to me

so as far as I have researched.. this leaves me with snails. But I was planning on using tannins in the betta's environment to replicate the soft and acidic conditions it is accustomed to, and as a preventative measure for bacterial and fungal infections. Snails, however, prefer hard and alkaline conditions in order to form their shells.

would I be better to skip the tannins and force betta to live in a snail friendly environment, or to just skip the algae eaters all together? Or is there some option that I haven't found yet?

Thanks guys :)
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So long as you provide the snails with a source of calcium by either feeding a veggie once or twice week, adding liquid calcium to the tank or giving them a cuttle bone they should be fine. I have a 5.5g tank with 1 male Betta, 1 Mystery Snail & 1 Nerite Snail & the tank looks crystal clear. I will add an algae wafer once or twice a week to ensure they have food since I'm not sure how much algae they're actually getting at this point. Below is a pic of my 5.5g. Remember certain snails eat certain algae, also snails have a good sized bio load so its a bit of a trade off . . .
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I have the Fluval V 5.6 gal. I chose that tank as it fits well on my windowsill. I wanted to supliment with natural light for the plants, which do very well! Two Nerite Snails do help, but I do still develop some algae on the window side. When that happens, I do a larger water change, like %70. While the water level is down, I simply scrape the algae off with a credit card.
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thanks so much guys, that helps a lot :) shellieca, would snails still do okay in slightly soft and acidic water (caused by tannins) provided they were being fed calcium?
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algae eaters, alkalinity, snails, tannins, water hardness

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