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Dragon's ten gallon

This is my Betta's home, which he shares with two firebelly newt companions. Any comments, questions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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What temperature is the tank?
Bettas are tropical and newts are cold water animals.
70 degrees F should be the maximum temperature of a newt tank and 75 is the minimum for bettas. I would separate them to ensure a high quality of life for the newts and fish. That is a lovely tank though. c:
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76 is minimum for bettas and 78-80F is ideal. Also fluctuations are a problem.

I don't see a thermometer or heater..

I would add some taller plants that reach the surface for your fish to lay on. Mine sleep at the top in their plants.. my one with live plants sleeps in a bed of floating elodea.

I'd be really careful with the newts and the betta.. that might not work out..
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+1. Newts and bettas are not good tankmates at all.
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Originally Posted by callistra View Post
76 is minimum for bettas and 78-80f is ideal.

I don't see a thermometer or heater....
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