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Mystery snails in breeding tank?

ok so i have been toying around with different breeding methods and such. now i am getting closer to my next attempt i would like to know what you all think about having apple snails in the breeding tank?

i have had them in the tank in the past but they produced a lot of added waste.

supposedly they eat dead fry, and the bacterium in their digestive system produce good food for new born fry. but having something in the tank that will produce a ton of waste and add more ammonia could kill the fry.

i just want some expert opinions and experience on if this is a good idea ot not.
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I use 1 mystery snail in my 10g fry tanks.

I don't have one in until the fry are free swimming - have seen snails go on the nest anchors, especially if they are IAL.. the snails love IAL. If there is a nest with eggs the snail may eat the eggs, at the very least will knock them off. Have heard other people have snails eat their eggs.. so I won't place one in until they are free swimming from the nest.

You should be doing daily (if not multiple depending on size of spawn) water changes a day - siphoning the bottom each time, which will remove the snail waste. I always take some off the top of the water first to get rid of ammonia, then siphon the bottom.

I don't feed the snail while it's in the tank, forcing it to feed on dead food on the bottom. Mine works really good - does a great job at keeping the tank clean in between siphonings.

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