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How do I lower PH? + Heater Question!

Hello guys :) im planning to purchase my first betta in a few days so I've been lurking around this very helpful site for research. I have a 2.5 Gallon tank, 7.5 watt heater, and planning to purchase a sponge filter. I plan to change the aquarium water using my tap water and it reads around 7.6 PH. I have read that the water should be around 7.0 PH and am wondering what would be the safest/best way to lower the PH of the tank water.

As for the heater, will leaving it plugged in 24/7 cause the tank to overheat? If it does do I put ice cubes it it?

All of the advice and information from you guys has been a great help to me!
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Don't mess with your ph. Stability is more important than anything else. My water is higher than that ... It's really not a big deal!

Do not use ice cubes ... Ever! Always keep a thermometer in the tank and watch it closely. If you can, run the tank with and without the heater with no fish (if you don't already have one) to see if you even need the heater. In my daughters room, even with the air conditioner on, her betta's tanks stays at 80 degrees with no heater. If you are watching the thermometer closely, you should notice if it starts to creep up. If it does, just turn off the heater and let it cool slowly on its own. Ice shock will kill your fish.
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Sea Dragon
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^ +1

And my pH is at 8.0-8.2, but my fish seem fine so dont fret over pH too much just as long as its stable.
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You can always use the commercial kits (obtained any any petstores) to lower the pH. However, the natural way to lower it is to add things like indian almond leaves which will acidify the water while protecting against infections.
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I would not change it for just bettas, it's fine.. The easiest way to lower pH is with RO water, which can be quite costly to achieve.
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