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Powers out!!!! Help!!!!

My power just went out, and they don't know when it will be back on (maybe 2 days, three poles are down). It's dead winter and FREEZING, it's 55 Fahrenheit in our house currently (dropped 10 degrees F in 2 hrs). I even have my goldfish tank wrapped. What can I do with my betta? He has no heater and neither my betta nor the goldfish have filters. So far the betta tank is around 78-ish degrees F, (can't see the colors under my flashlight as well) so it's dropped just a little bit. I have both tanks wrapped with sweatshirts, with a few air holes. They'll be ok for now, but if the power doesn't come back in the next few days what should I do? We don't have a generator, btw.
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Well first off you can't keep a goldfish without a filter.. Depending on the type of fish they need a minimum of 20g-100g tank and DOUBLE filtration.. meaning if you have a 20g tank you need two filters rated for 20g or a filter rated at 40g

I would ask a friend or family member that has heat to keep your fish.
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Location: Fort Thomas, KY (Just outside Cincinnati)
They both have filters, they just won't work without power. Lol, sorry, that wasn't super clear.
If I have too I can take them somewhere, but the roads are so slick with ice. I'll see how the roads are in the morning, I won't risk it at night.
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Oh, no :( do you have hot water? Can you fill some bottles with hot water and float them in the tanks for heat? Possibly find some more blankets for as much insulation as possible...

Power outages are scary. We had a one hour power outage once that caused one of my female bettas to develop dropsy and she died three days later. :( hopefully you can find a way to keep the temp from fluctuating too much. At the least, keep the temp from dropping quickly. I would also check the temp often to make sure it isn't jumping all over the place.

Edit: also, if your tanks are cycled, I would make sure you don't have an ammonia spike after the filters turn back on because your good bacteria are probably starting to die off and all the dead bacteria will create ammonia spikes.

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Location: Fort Thomas, KY (Just outside Cincinnati)
Powers back! They got it back up quickly!cit was only out for about 8 hrs. Thank heavens for the hour delay too! First delay in literally years and it couldn't have come at a better time. I was ready to walk out the door when *blip* power's back. Had time to get all my tanks back in order before leaving
My betta's ok. He a little sluggish but he's swimming fine. No ammonia spikes or anything. I lost all but one of my goldfish though :'(. And I'm not sure the last will make it. I have in his hospital tank and he can barely swim up 2 inches D,:. Damn you ammonia!!!!!

Edit: my anatomy teacher lost all of her glofish (like 10) and a tinfoil barb :'(. WHY?!?!?!?!?
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I was reading article about power failures and the aquariast suggested adding Prime to the water. I have seen on the prime bottle information about using more in emergencies for ammonia spikes. He also suggests a Wondershell to add electrolytes.
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