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Question Fin Repair and Bettafis

Hello all! Yesterday I rescued a crowntail from walmart. His fins seem thin and almost slightly brown on one side. On his tail he is missing a small strip of fin all the way to the base so it looks as if he is a split tail, but he isnt. I ordered some bettafix because it was recommended to help repair his fins, but I came across a comment on a thread that says not to use it because it will make the fish lethargic and damage his labrynth organ. I did a little research on this and found it very controversial, some agreeing with that perspective and others claiming that is only a result of overdose. I am very apprehensive of trying salt baths or even taking photos because he is very stressed out and took hours to stop hyperventilating when I brought him home yesterday even though I acclimated him. What are your experiences and opinions with bettafix?
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I don't trust it. I use stresscoat+ when healing my betta's.
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I suggest clean, warm water and give him time to adjust.
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I have used it only because I had no other option. If you opt to use it, do not overdose - maybe even underdose. The main ingredient is from a tea tree oil and that oil is what supposedly damages the laberynth organ.

Personally, I am septical about all the deaths it has caused. Most people are uninformed on how to care for a betta so I highly doubt they would be able to accuretly diagnose a sick fish and feel that the fish they claim was killed was already past the point of no return or had something like columnaris and obviously bettafix is not a cure for it. That being said, I would not recommend it's use although many people claim it is a miracle cure. Supposedly the same oil does wonders for various human ailments or so I have heard on here.

My guess is - his issues are realted to poor water quality in his cup and as already stated - clean warm water is the best cure. Give him some time to adjust and you don't really need AQ salt to repair fins. Clean, warm water will do the trick - stress coat will help fin growth. If you do want to use Aquarium salt - its 1 teaspoon per gallon, premixed and do not use for more then 10 days. You can use less if you perfer. I thin the API box says 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons. It may help his gills as well as any fin rot he may have.

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