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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
It's his own opinion he is the best.. his attitude makes him unlikable. He makes a lot of claims that makes you go "huh?" lol.. unsure how good he is, don't see a lot of actual spawns from him.. see him "breeding" them (in an un-Thai way), but unsure where he actually sells the fish.

Thought this was funny.. if he knew so much about bettas, why does he sell these?

He just talks too full of himself is all :P
LOL I haven't saw that one before until u posted the link, and yeah that look soooo "un-thai" :), he's probably just trying to get "popular", good or bad, as long as people are talking about him...that's "buzz marketing" LOL
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Yeah that guy is a legend in his own I leave my males with the young until they have had enough. They will stop patrolling the tank and usually leave the fry to their own defenses. usually staying in just one part of the tank. Then I pull the dad. I have noticed for the most part, the Dads won't even think about food until the fry are free swimming, and then they start telling the fry when its eating time and or feeding them themselves. Some will still refuse food until they give up the nest. The newest Dad I have was still refusing food days after he had given up the nest, and I got worried about him so ended up pulling him way before I wanted to. He is TOO GOOD a dad. Next time I'm gonna try to leave him a little longer and possibly figure out what his favorite food is and offer that. I think his fry would really benefit from such a great dad. But you can only let them go so long without eating. Dads come in a long range of differences. I guess from so many years of domestication.
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I feel like he had good and bad ideas. I liked the idea of breeding in plastic and a lot of what he says makes sense but I do leave my males in until free swimming begins.
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Originally Posted by Jayloo View Post
I leave my male in until fry free-swim but I recently watched footage of a breeder who takes the male out 30 minutes after the female no matter what. He said his findings were that the survival rate for fry is 85-90% which is much higher than leaving the father in. He also says that if an egg falls out of the nest that if it does not hatch it was not fertilized and wouldn't have hatched anyway.
I don't mean to sound like a "know it all". But please be very careful if you decide to ask his advise. . . 85-90% hatch rate? If he produces 700 fry per spawn, then his claim would be true. I know for a fact (I used to count them) that 4 month old females (smaller females) lay about 700 - 800 eggs while fully grown can lay over 1300 eggs.

For his method to work, you need to use a very clean tank and water. Otherwise mold will kill some if not most of the eggs. His method can be used for known egg/fry eaters. . . artificial hatching. But why risk it if you have a known good father.

Fertilized Eggs on the floor may hatch IF mold doesn't destroy it. When artificially hatching eggs in a bowl, some eggs will fall on the floor.

Again, I'm not saying he is wrong. I'm just saying he is NOT THE BEST and his methods are definitely not for new breeders.
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If I'm not mistaken, his belief is that only unfertilized eggs fall out of the nest which is totally illogical. Besides, we know its wrong because like you said, if mold doesn't get it, they hatch on the floor. So it had to be a fertile egg that fell.
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