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Apparently, I do not possess a green thumb...

I had four species of Anubias from Petsmart--A. afzelii, A. barteri, A. nana, and A. congensis. This was the first time I ever had live plant and my tank only has regular LED lights and gravel, but the plants were doing really well. They grew new leaves and I even managed to divide one into two plants. I had the roots pushed into the gravel with the rhizomes hanging overhead.

I moved them into a plastic jug filled with tank water because I was treating my bettas for fin rot. They sat in front of my glass backdoor for two weeks and recieved a normal amount of sunlight everyday. Eventually, I ended the AQ salt treatment and returned them to the tank. They were okay at first. But after a few days, this white fuzzy wool-like stuff started developing on the leaves, the roots, and even the rhizomes. The growth looked like cotton candy after you pulled it apart, very fine and almost translucent. I immediately took them out, cleaned them, and removed all the infected parts, but the growth came back. My Anubias began disintegrating. The leaves came off when I touched them and the the rhizomes started to rot and were soft enough that I could smushed them into a pulp between my fingers. I only have one plant left, but I'm not even sure if it'll survive.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? My water parameters are relatively normal. The pH is 7.4 (my normal tap water) and the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings are all 0 ppm. The temperature is kept between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (one side of my tank is slightly cooler then the other because I have a rather thick divider). I do not have run a filter anymore, just water changes every three days. I just bought a bunch of java fern to replace the old plants, and would hate to lose them too. /:
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I do not know much about plants, but it sounds like a fungus, especially as you describe it being "white and fuzzy"

Also maybe you need a higher wattage bulb? Not sure, but hopefully someone else more experienced will reply.
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