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Originally Posted by Lena N View Post
If he likes to be under/near filter flow it could be the reason why it doesn't improve so fast. When I placed one of my Betta to tank with Whisper filter he just was costantly jumping under filter (where it soacks water), it seamed he liked it. And next day all his fins were shreded. Maybe he like to be under flow because he had ick as I am treating my Betta's from it right now (with aquarium salt). And now the same Betta is in Fluval tank and there is different tipe of filter, so though he can sleep on leaves he choses to sleep to be sucked to the filter holes at night. And all flow filters through his tale...So his fins and tale do not improve at all because of this. What I see not that if Betta it is hiperactiveit is harder to heal fin rot.
Though I think you should give him some treatment if he will looks worse. Someone recommended me
Seachem. ParaGuard

it could be good to treat rot too. Search for infor about it if you like it or not, I still use aquarium salt as treatment as there is no ParaGuard in nearby stores...Just looked that you are from U.K. Probably there is no ParaGuard.

Hope your guy will get well soon!
p.s. My water parametres are good to except high ph
Hes always by the filter so ive now baffled it i spose it could well have caused some of the damage but i dont know, no he dosn't have ick i am doing more frequent water changes at the moment but if it does get worse i guess i will have to think about maybe using AQ salt or meds but i really dont want to, had bad experience with that with my last Betta who died last year. Thanx
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Originally Posted by bellasia View Post
I caught him biting today thats the first time ive ever seen him do it, you have been a help in that you took the time out to respond i have to order everything online as there isn't even a pet shop where i live
Oh really? :( Well, at least you know that he's still biting and it's not "something worse" (as if biting wasn't bad enough already, right).

Aww you're too nice!

There is quite a few around here, but neither of them have everything you need, let alone when you need something specific for bettas. I get a lot online as well.:) I might FINALLY get my hands on these Hikari pellets.:)

Btw: Have you tried the ping pong ball tactic with tail biting? Well, I have to say again that mine hasn't bitten himself since getting him a snail (he's too busy stalking him), but then I don't know if that's the best idea if you are not certain Valentino is healthy other than the tail biting.:(
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