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was about to suggest to sticky oldfishladies post when matt beat me to it LOL.

think it should be copy and pasted into the "Mythbuster" sticky in the betta care section?
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
It can be so frustrating for a new keeper to buy a beautiful Long fin Betta and then with good intentions-place them in a large filtered tank-only for the long fins to tatter or seem to love the big filtered tank for a week and they soon hide in a corner, stop eating and/or get sick-And the new hobbyist ask why or what did I do wrong-thinking they would love a lot of water to feel free-swim-play...etc....Its not really your fault and you didn't do anything wrong per se-By understanding the special needs of the Long fin male-you might have to go slow-in steps so they can tolerate the wide-open space....because a lot of the long fin males can be successfully kept in large filtered tanks-it just might take some time....
I found this all out recently, maybe a few days ago, but when I brought my beautiful boy Floyd home five weeks ago and put him in a 10g tank he glass surfed a lot and I noticed his fins were tattering after a while but was assured it was NOT because he swam constantly, because he really did swim all the time. All my water levels were perfect and my plants were fine so I knew, even if someone that supposedly knew more than me tried to tell me otherwise, that the constant activity was the reason for the poor state of his fins and also probably not normal. Floyd's behavior became worse until I could legit say he was neurotic which I blamed on poor breeding but it may have just been the size of his tank. When the filter got to him, blew him into the gravel, he got really pissed about it. It was suggested I move him to a smaller tank but instead I divided his tank so he just has 5g now and figured I may as well toss another betta on the other side xD and so I now have Freddie lol I felt really bad about it at first, cutting his previous home in half and taking five whole gallons of free space from him but Floyd does not swim nearly as much now and seems much happier. That is all I ask, that my guys are happy and safe :)
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blu the betta
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that has happened to me too. so now i just do water changes.
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