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need advice

ok so one day I said I wanted to breed a pair of betta fish so bought two.

I know store bought ones are faulty but here this, the female bought is already filled with eggs. Also the male is interested in her. but here is the problem I have been feeding the female freeze dried blood worms for about two weeks now and she still doesn't have her vertical stripes. she is a very dark blue crowntail with red fins so it should be easy to see the stripes. I was wondering how long does it take for the female to get these stripes. also what do you get when you mix a crowntail with a veiltail.

additional details
The male is a red veil tail betta who makes a decent bubble nest once every 3 days.
they have not rejected each other and seem interested.
she has that white tub sticking out of her.
the male has a tendency to not exactly runaway but move when he is close to her like he is trying to lead her somewhere?
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What is your breeding tank set up as? How big is it, how do you have it set up, temp, IAL, etc.

Did you feed her anything but freeze dried? Anything with nutrition? Freeze dried is very poor in proper nutrition.. live and frozen are ideal for spawning.

Do you realize what type of fins you are going to have, and how very difficult it will be to sell them? (Especially if you live in the US).

Do you have proper grow out tanks for them? If so, what size?

Do you have enough jars to house the males individually and a way to keep each one properly heated?

How do you plan on selling these fish? Keep in mind you are mixing these fins - one is a pretty unpopular type outside of store shelves, the other will make the unpopular type's fins very raggedy looking, etc. A CT + VT mix you get VTs with raggedy, uneven fins that look like they are torn up.

Do you have the proper fry foods?

Do you know how to properly raise the fry?

Just some questions is all, so we know how much you know, etc.. how much help you may need :)

Breeding store purchased fish isn't a bad thing - I have a beautiful DTHM boy I'm going to be breeding that was store bought, and a perfect 180 HM dumbo eared boy I'm breeding as well. It's the uncertainty of the colors you will get that are the issue - and making sure they are healthy, which takes more than 2 weeks and takes a lot more nutrition than a treat (freeze dried foods). That is my only concern.. you said she was eggy when you got her, which isn't always the case - big belly doesn't mean eggy all the time. And you feeding her foods that are low quality that if over fed (multiple times a day) can lead to bloating.. which may be the case rather than eggy.

I personally would recondition them with live foods, frozen foods, and high quality pellets all mixed up before attempting. That way you gave them more time to show any signs of illnesses, gave them the proper nutrition needed, etc. It will also give you time to make sure she isn't just bloated, have internal parasites, etc.
And yet she may just be eggy..
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First of all; welcome to the forum.

What are your plans and goals? Cross breeding fin types will need several generation to become anything attractive. Your cross, for example, will give you VT with uneven web reduction. . . . just thought you should know.
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