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Question My first beta fish

Hello =)

I just got two beta fish yesterday, a cute little blue and green boy and a pinkish blue girl. I named him Mr. GrumpyGills (will probably change it) and her Pearl! I am new to betta fish, but I have wanted one for ages! I remembered a friend telling me when she got a betta that the tanks they sell in stores are too small for them. So I got a 3.5 gallon tank with a little filter ( Which my girl loves swimming in the current) and flashy LED light show options on the hood. I also got a little log decoration for the fish to hide in and some soft fake plants so they wont get their fins ripped or anything until I can get a real one ( I wasn't sure at the time which plants were good for bettas - and I still am not sure).

I originally was going to house them together because the pet store person said that males and females get along usually ( I was just going to get a male, but I saw pearl and loved her). I decided to look up stuff about betas before going to bed (they were still in their little cups when I went to bed because my tank instructions said it needed 24 hours with everything set up and running before I should put them in) and I came across this little gem of a site =) .

Anyway, it seemed to be the general consensus that if I really wanted to house them together, I would have to do it at my own risk. Some people said they had male and females that loved each other and others say to absolutely not try it because it was cruising for a bruising. They seemed to like each other when they were beside each other over night but I didn't want to chance it. It would break my heart if these little fishies got hurt because I'm new at this.

So the next morning ( today) I went to the store and got him a 2L tank to put him in for a few months until I can afford better. I know it's not the best, but I'll try hard to keep it good and clean for him until I can get a better one. I tried to find a nice wide one because I remember reading somewhere that they don't like tall tanks as much as wide ones. I have the tanks sitting beside each other on my kitchen counter and they both interact with each other every now and then.

I have a thermometer in both tanks that have a green bar showing the ideal temperature range for the tanks and it always stays in the middle of the green. I didn't get a heater because the lady said that they should be fine in a warm room, but i just noticed a thread saying that my bigger tank should have a heater, but my little tank would roast him if I did.

I bought a little betta lamp that came separate with his tank, and I have their lights on during the day. I was going to turn it off at night though because the tank instructions said that I should only have their lights on for 8-12 hours a day to avoid algae bloom. So I'm a little unsure what to do. I don't want them to be too cold. The big tank's temp didn't seem to change over night last night, but this is my first night with the little tank. Should Mr. Grumpygills be ok in my room? I keep it pretty warm at night when I'm sleeping because I loathe waking up in a cold room.

Anyway, sorry for all this text. I'm just new and want to do the best for my fish that I can right now on my College student budget until I get hired in a couple of months. I honestly would have waited until then had the people in the pet shop not made everything seem like roses and I later found out different.

Thanks for reading, and bigger thanks if you take a moment to respond <3
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Smile Ooo begginer basics time :D

Alrighty since it seems im the first to this tread i get to answer it! :D YAY

Anyways, here is what you need to know. Based on your questions.

For the fake plants, If you take in some pantyhose and rub them over the plants and it doesnt snag or tear ANYWHERE on the fake plant (including the base) Then your betta's fins are fine.

Thank god you didnt house them together - them being together is dangerous and should never been done. The male will usually vastly harm the girl and most likely kill her. Most petstore people are wrong. Most. I did come across one intellegent girl, she even agreed with my choice of a ten gallon for my betta. (thats why i want a job at a pet store, to help improve the aquatics area.)

As for the male's living quarters. Yes you need something bigger then 2L's But you seem to know that. So! in the meantime I would change his tank everyother day. I know most people think That it should be changed every day, but i defend my case in the fact that everyother day is less stressful to the fish. It is up to you a the owner though.

As for the heating. The female could have a small heater in her tank. I have a small heater for my four gallon and it works fantasticly (most heaters turn off after they get a certain temperature in the water)
For the male - I would sggest carefully watching him and maybe something like a reptile heating pad might work. But not sure so maybe someelse knows.

But goodluck on being an owner you really sund like you care <3

Let the other posters begin.
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Location: Cold frozen north! ( Canada xP)

Yay! Welcome and thank you <3
I appreciate the help!

Ohhh I didn't even think to do the pantyhose thing! That's a great idea! Maybe my Mom has an old pair she doesn't mind me testing the plants on haha

I would be so torn working at a petshop. As a Vet Tech student, I see so many things that shouldn't be sold that are. I would 100% completely refuse to sell pet store flea medication for example. That stuff is so very unhealthy for cats and dogs, and it usually works for a few days ( but the packages tell you monthly treatments because any more frequently would send your pet strait to the vet). Anyway, I digress, and I could go on about this all day and it's so unrelated to fish hahaha

Oh, I never even thought about the stress it would cause, but that makes sense when I think about it. I always thought to change a fish tank, you had to do the whole thing ( clean it all out, move the fish, wash every thing in it) but on here I've noticed about people doing partial changes? How do I do that? For both my big tank and my little one? If you like, I can make a new post for that question ( I'm not too sure if this topic would be unrelated to this section or not)

Yeah, there was a 13$ heater made for tanks the size that I got. I didn't get it at the time of purchase because I thought they'd be fine in my apt because I keep it quite warm during the winter. Their thermometers still seem to be in the green without the heaters though.
I'm more worried about the male getting chilly because people were saying that it's hard to keep the smaller tank's temp regulated. I'm probably just being a worry wart like usual haha. But I'll take any advice given to me =)

Thanks very much! I really do care =) I love all of god's furry, scaly and feathery critters. Any sized life is still a life, and they deserve to be happy and healthy just like anything else. I think it's sad when people say, "It's just a 7$ fish/hamster/any other cheap pet , if it dies, get a new one."
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Welcome. And welcome to the's not too late to turn back yet. (just kidding!)
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Thank you, Option! Hehe, I think it's too late. I'm already somewhat addicted. Fish-keeping seems a pretty nice hobby ! =)
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Originally Posted by Kuunsilta View Post
I think it's sad when people say, "It's just a 7$ fish/hamster/any other cheap pet , if it dies, get a new one."
thats what my family said to me.i got livid with them.

As for the partial water changes, its just when you change the water out like cup it out or u can get some cool siphons that do it nice and fast! so for the 2.5 gal, 2.5gal right?, im pretty sure its a 50% water change every 3 days. and a 100% once a week?

so all you would do is take out half the water and refill it with new water, But! remember to medicate and put the chemicles in your water before u add it into your tank.
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For water conditioner.. I highly recommend this

Make sure you condition it before you add it to the tank.
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If you have $10 to spare, hi ye hence to a dollar shop. :) You can pick up a large glass bowl or plastic storage tub for a song in such places. A 10 litre storage tub would be wonderful for now, and as long as the heater isn't touching the plastic, it should hold one just fine. :)
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