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I have own Betta fish on and off most of my life. I have mostly owned your standard "Veil tail" types. However, just recently I got a boy that baffles me. He was labeled a "Dragon Scale" and from his tail type.. I would say Veil if not some kind of HMxCT cross. I don't have any images for you guys. Most are on my old phone and are extremely poor quality. Not to mention I don't have a way to transfer them.

Any way, what baffles me most is his color. He isn't something as exotic as Marble or Piebald or even a true solid. From what I can tell. He.. well.. is pearl like. Meaning he shines from white to light blue to pink. But, mostly white to a light blue. But his fins are clear, but have a bit of black in them (mainly a streak or two). Sometimes I can see the smallest hint of pink in the fins. Which is right close to the body. I am not sure what color he would be classified. He isn't what some would call a "multicolor". As he mostly all one color.

I have done as much research as I possible can on colors and patterns. Best I can come up with is he is one of two possible colors:

Pastel Blue
White (opaque)

Now then, the Dragon Scale part. I am not 100% positive on this. Most Dragon Scales are usually brightly colored with a dark base. At least from the pictures I have found. My boy is pretty bland in comparison. The closest comparison I have is this image I found:

My Pearl looks a lot like this boy. Except where that golden/yellow sheen is.. his is pink. He reminds me of lip gloss or some kind of fancy nail polish.

Any way, right now he is happily swimming in a tall 3 gallon tank and I have plans of a 5+ gallon in the next week or two. Also, my Betta is a bit bossy. He always flares or gets upset when he wants to go to bed. Generally when it is "lights off time" he settles down and is happy. He is also the most curious creature I have ever seen. He must inspect everything in his tank. I do mean everything. He also loves to find all sorts of hiding holes and places he can swim around. His favorite thing to do is watch when I cut the air off to the air pump I have. He loves watching it fill with water and then blow bubbles again. Pearl has some character to him.

My husband and I plan on keeping Pearl to himself. I fear he is a bit aggressive and I think he wouldn't care to much for a tank mate. Giving his personality quirks. He seems quite content by himself and enjoys interacting with us on a daily basis.

Any who... as soon as I get some pictures... I will post them.
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Welcome Chosen!! Can't wait to see pictures of Pearl.
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Hi, welcome to the forum.
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Thank you, both of you. =] I have been hunting my husband's PSP all morning and yet to find it. I know I can grab some images and post them then. I shall find it soon. Mark my words. ^_^
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

Nice to meet you....
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