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Water Changes

Okay, so here is the deal. NOBODY can seem to agree how drastic and how often water changes should be and that's just the truth. All sorts of "experienced" people are all saying different things, all with good reasoning.

Today I noticed an oily looking sheen on the surface of the water in my 1.7 unfiltered tank. Currently I do a fifty percent water change once a week and scrub everything in the tank because I wanted to get a feel for when the water needs to be changed since I can't get a definitive answer. There seems to be a slight sheen on the surface most of the time, so my instinct is not to be worried since his water change day is tomorrow (but just in case I wanted some second opinions).

Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else? Is this an indication that I need to be doing more water changes? Let me know what you guys think :)
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When I had something smaller than a 2 gallon tank I changed the water (full change) once per week. Some suggest doing partial changes 2-3 times per week. I find with smaller tanks... more changes are needed. Just my 2 cents worth though. Once per week is good for a full change. But.. I guess twice per week wouldn't hurt either.

Also... are you using any cleaners or put anything on your hands before or after a clean? I have never had an "oily" sheen on my tank waters. o.O

I am personally planning on getting a bigger tank and getting it balanced so full changes won't have to be so often, but that is my choice. ^^;;
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That is a protein film and is completely harmless. It is not related to water changes.

Most people on this forum go by OFL's recommendations in her sticky. :)
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50% is a pretty good number... every week or two, depending on your nitrate and pH levels.

I've even gone as long as 3 weeks here without changing the water and my nitrate was at 30ppm, pH 6.2.. which isn't too bad. So, depending on your tank setup, you have some flexibility. Bottom line is to test the water every week to get an idea of whether or not it needs to be changed.
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