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I had a 29 gal community fresh water tank for under a year. I did not take good care of it and when we moved it was neglected. The fish died and I sold they tank. I wanted fish again and this time was prepared to give it all the work it would need. My mom however didn't agree. She said I needed to start small so we went and bought one male vt. Little did she know this was only the beginning of a huge expensive hobby that would take over her house. I think now that I have 13 bettas and about 10 ct fry currently she is wishing she just let me get the community tank I wanted lol.
I love bettas so much!
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My aunt had always kept goldfish when she lived with us a long time ago when i was younger.
I was always attracted to the beauty of the fighting fish they sold in the aquarium shops here. Back then the name "Siamese fighting fish " was really appealing to me so i got myself a small puny plastic tank smaller then a shoe box that was actual meant for temporarily keeping fish and prob held less then a gallon. With no gravel/substrate,no plants, no hiding places and no filter. Fish never lasted long with me since i rarely do regular water changes and they always looked dazed sat in the bottom of the tank, lifeless.

Stopped keeping fish after that and a few years down the road my Ex (then my bF) got me into keeping betta fish again, this time with a proper set up. Now i'm still working on keeping my fish happy and alive, the current one (Sully) is doing quite well. He likes to stare at me for food though lol and always wiggles in front of the camera. I got him on "impulse" as my previous betta had died from drospy, i was actually planning to wait a week to clean out my tank before getting a new fish but i was at the pet store 3 days after Drogo passed just to look at their stock of bettas and there was Sully, the only one who gave me the best response of actually following my finger. So i guess he chose me

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I got bit by the betta bug when my my mom brought home a tiny fish bowl with some other things and left it laying around. It got me really thinking about fish, and I asked her if I could have it. I asked my friends and family what kind of fish I should get, and someone suggested a betta. I did some research and completely fell in love with them when I learned they were intelligent and could breathe air. I went to the pet shop and got a red veiltail within a few days, and have (needless to say) been spending a lot more money on it than I planned and have been spending most of my time here with you all :)
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