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Aging your water-how do you warm it again when you fish is still in the tank?

If I age my water and it drops to to 74 degrees even in a warm room. I don't want to shock my fish. My preference would be to change my water weekly and refill my gallon jugs so it's ready next week. Prior to aging it I would just let the water sat for a hour or two and it was hot water and I just waited until the temp matched my fish tank but I gather it's best to age it at least 24 hours. I am using Prime and another water conditioner that has aloe it (it clearly has a slime coat). My water change is tommorow.
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You don't need to leave your water to age for 24 hours. That was how it was done, when water only had chlorine in it, as an alternative to using conditioner, as the chlorine would evaporate over 24 hours. However, these days water is filled with all kinds of nasties, such as chloramines, which takes 2 weeks to go, and heavy metals, which never go. It's just another one of those practices that has been peverted through hear-say (much like most people thinking that cycling is running the tank for 24 hours).

Basically, Prime works instantly. I give my water a quick stir to help release any dissolved gases, but you can add the water to your tank the second you've added Prime.

As for temperature, I just add the water slowly enough that the fact mine is not quite as warm as my tank water doesn't make a difference. :)
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Location: Midwest
I had not noticed any ill effects w/o aging it. The fish seem happy for new water. Two hours for the right temp and letting out gasses seemed to work. We'll see what others say.
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