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Old 03-23-2008, 08:31 PM   #1 
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tank size + lots of questions

i have one batta is a 2.5 gl tank i think that is the size but i am wondering if i should go get a 5 gl tank. would it be better to do that also she or he not sure has fin rot so i am giving malafix but would having a bigger tank help it. plus when i get a bigger tank how should i cylce it should i get a fish or something to put in it then put the batta in it sorry i am just not sure what to do plus how long does malafix take to work?
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We have two of our bettas in 2.5 gal tanks. They're both fine and happy. One of them makes bubble nests all the time. We also have two in a split 10gal so they have 5 gal each.

Does your tank have a heater? Temperature is really important.

How often do you change your water? Fin rot can be caused by poor water conditions, so the tank size won't really matter if the water isn't well kept.

I might actually move him to a smaller isolation tank type until it clears up, it's a lot easier to keep the water clean and if you've set up good bacterias in your tank the medication might throw off the balance.

I've not dealt with fin rot personally but I've read about it to prepare myself should it occur in any of our four bettas. Someone else might have a better suggestion but I think a smaller isolation tank for now might be good. Upgrading to a five gal really won't help in my opinion. And as I said I have two very happy bettas in 2.5 gals.

But wait for someone else to throw in their ideas before taking any of my suggestions!!

Good luck.

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i alway thought that you could only have one batta in a tank i think i have a male i know that you can not put two male in the same tank.
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They aren't in the "same" tank. It's a split 10 gal. There's a divider between the two sides so the bettas can't get to each other.
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Old 03-24-2008, 05:20 AM   #5 
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I wouldn't move the fish if it means you'd have to put it in one of those little bowls, since what would happen is while your treating the fish the ammonia will build up and stress him out worse or make him sick again or something. Melafix is fine to use in your tank, bettafix might be better because it's not as strong. Follow the directions carefully and then do the specified water change. Do you have a filter in the tank?
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