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Back again

Hi all,

I used to be a regular here! Didn't have a break from Bettas, just forums

I was out a few weeks ago, to buy a few more fish for my community tank. I ended up coming home with a few shrimp since none of the fish really jumped out at me... well :P

There were two female Bettas in the usual tanks that Bettas are kept in. With the Neon Tetra which utterly destroy the poor Siamese Fighters until they can no longer swim, where they normally end up being sucked to the filter intake and then they just die from there without the fins or power to swim away :(

There were no Neons on this tank, just two very poorly looking Bettas with what looked like white spot laying at the top of the water.

I decided with my partner whether to get them or not, we both watched for quite a long time and ended up concluding that we couldn't just leave them to die!

So we asked the fish guy if we could have those too. Maybe at a discounted price since they were clearly on their last legs. He told us he didn't have the authority to discount anything unless it was on sale... Not sure I believed him but hey! So I payed full price for two fish which I was confident wouldn't make it!

I got home and treated the whole tank for white spot before introducing them into a breeder trap where they would live (seperated but able to see eachother) until well enough to enter the community.

Sadly that night, one of them decided life would be better outisde of the trap, jumped out and was attacked by my two other female fighters (One of who later that day developed a fungal infection which took over her whole face with a white cloud and then died! :() So she was a gonner.

The other is now fully recovered and living a happy life in a growing community of guppies, with a female fighter friend, shrimp and neons!

Sorry for the photo quality. I will soon upload some of her and she is now!

Both new girls together

My other fighter, she was a gift for getting my job from my awesome boyfriend

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Fishy Mom
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Sorry about the jumping girl. I can't wait to see how they color up!
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Old 05-09-2013, 11:15 PM   #3 
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welcome back how is your bettas doing:)
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Old 05-10-2013, 09:00 AM   #4 
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I work at Petsmart.

Our policy is that we cannot offer discounts for ill pets. Rather, we should put them in the sick room for care, but if a customer notices first and wants to buy them, then that's that.

Only managers would be able to give you a discount, and it would depend on the manager and your attitude. So the "fish guy" was probably telling the truth that he had no power over it.
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