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Old 03-16-2013, 12:05 AM   #1 
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Location: Palmyra NY
partialy blind fish?

ok so got this little dalmation cutie last week or so and today i noticed that he misses when he goes to nom his food could this be partial blindness or something else and if it is blindness any suggestions on what i could do? ( he seems to eat fine but i very slow...)
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possibly..especially if he has opaque gene, as far as I know, opaque colored fishes are known to have "cloud" in their eyes, which will grow thicker with age, some even can be completely blind eventually.
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best way to test it out is to see if he notices his reflection, or reacts to you when you come up to his tank. i had a mostly blind boy who couldn't see me, nor his reflection, unless he got all up against the glass and stared for a few moments.
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Hello! My Ray C. is blind, but the great people here really helped me out when it came to finding out how to properly care for him. Here are some tips they gave me:

-Use a feeding ring. Since it keeps all the food in one place, it'll be easier for you new betta buddy to find it (once he realizes what it's for.) Also, try to keep a consistent feeding schedule.

-Never move anything! Once you have introduced him to his new home and he becomes familiar, he'll become active and happy. However, when you go to clean the tank out, be sure to arrange everything as it was before, because if stuff is in different places, he'll get confused.

-Try to avoid the usage of gravel. You can use it, but the reason why they recommended that I try not to is cause it makes it easier for the betta to forage for any fallen food. Another reason why is........

-Because you should definitely try to avoid anything not smooth or soft. Because blind bettas mostly get around by touch, why not make it easier on him by getting silk plants? They already recommend silk or real for regular bettas, but even smooth-rounded plastic plants will work so long as they don't snag on anything (you know, the pantyhose test.)

I think that's about it! I found that these tips have really helped Ray C., who is a happy, healthy (least of all, vision impaired) betta. Of course, if you have any more questions, all the other lovely people here can be of more use than I.
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Pure whites tend to have the film/scaling over the eyes..

If he is overly excited then he could be missing due to that - lots of mine who get really excited during feeding time will miss pellets the first one or two tries.. once they eat one pellet they calm down some and eat the rest with no trouble.

If his eyes are red, then he is fully blind.. a film over it is partial usually. But if he misses and then he gets it right, I would say he is just overly excited for the food as it's been a while since he has had regular feedings. I have a fully blind boy, and you can tell he is blind, and I have a female who is partially blind in an eye.
If he reacts to you, goes to the spot where you drop the food - then he isn't blind :)
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