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JandE Pets
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First time spawning questions.

i recently decided to take up betas as my new hobby i have done some research on this and understand the its a large undertaking. i remember reading a few hints but don't remember what they were if anyone could help me i would be grateful.

someone said the left there tank light on for a few days during one part of the breeding stages and off for another but i don't remember if it was the conditioning, introductions, or after putting both in the same tank.

what is the best way to start the food cultures you need with out buying tanks?

i believe i have all the things needed for breeding but if someone could create a checklist of sorts it would be appreciated.

im also looking to buy high Quality beta but would like to have knowledge of the fish's lineage. if you have some available let me know.

thank you for your time and help
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Old 03-17-2013, 07:53 AM   #2 
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Pair of bettas, live or frozen food for conditioning, tank to breed, heater set at 80-84, bubble best anchor, water dechlorinator, glass chimney or jar for female observation, live plants or other hiding spot for female, cultures such as BBS and mw for babies, grow out tank, turkey Baster, siphon, housing for all your new little ones! Only a few things.
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TFK Moderator
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Welcome to the forum.

Breeding supply is in one of the stickies.

Some people prefer to leave the light on once eggs have been laid. Personally IMO it doesn't make any difference. I often keep them in total darkness until fry are free swimming. . . .your choice.

There are lots of methods to keep, breed, and raise this species. You need to find what best works for you. Since this is your first time, I suggest you not use the Asian method (small bare tank/bowl). Use a 4" water in 10g planted or with hideouts. A half styrofoan cup or a floating IAL leave as the nest area.
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