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Plants Needed

Hello. I have recently upgraded my 1/2 gallon tank for my Betta to a 2 1/2 gallon tank. As of now, all I have is a Marimo moss ball about 1 1/2 inches in diameter as well as a plant from Petsmart that is about 5 inches tall at its highest. Sunshine (my female betta) is really anxious in her new tank, and I believe it is because she needs more plants and such. Does anyone have any affordable advice? I know she does not like things to hide in (I put in a few things such as a box, a little pineapple thing, and a tube... she hated them all and would flare and avoid that entire section of the tank for 2 weeks that I had them in there)

Any advice???
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She will learn to love the room, but I suspect that you are right about her needing more decorations. :)

If you have the money, buy some fast-growing plants. They are an investment, as they will double in size very quickly, allowing you to trim them, plant the offcuts and have a second plant for free. (Then a third plant, and a fourth...). She will also like these more than plastic decorations, I think. :) Some good plants to do this with are lacefern, ambulia, cabomba, anacharis and hornwort. I ended up having to remove my lacefern from my 16 gallon in the end because it was growing so fast I couldn't keep up with the trimming!

Another low-budget solution is to buy some fake flowers from a dollar shop. Remove any wire from the plants and you have your own, cheap, silk plants.
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