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Breeding bettas for the first time, advice and help needed.

I want to buy two quality bettas (1 male 1 female) online. I plan on breeding two pretty double tails i saw.
I would breed my bettas but they are pet store bettas, i don't know their backgrounds or age, haha.
The female would go in my betta sorority and the male will have another tank set up for him.
Here are my questions:
Can the fry be raised on egg yolk or frozen foods? I'm uncomfortable with growing, hatching or feeding live foods but ill get frozen foods if i can.
How long until the bettas are old enough to be sold? I know a family owned petstore who will take them.
How long until they have to be separated?
Can I breed them in a 5.5 gallon? Ill buy another 10 gallon f i have to, recently i was given a used one but I have to check for leaks first.
I watched a tutorial and it said when introducing the male and female have lots of plants in the tank, do i take them out when they are done mating?
I don't plan on breeding them for a couple more weeks till my balloon molly fry are grown.
Any info or help is apprenticed.
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1) If you are uncomfortable with live foods, betta breeding is definatly not for you. Sorry to be blunt but live foods are absolutely critical. They can not be raised on and will not always eat yolk and frozen foods.

2) All depends on their growth... Typically around 3-4 months.

3) Also depends on growth, hiding spots, aggression... There really is no set age. Two months ish is when you will likely have to start.

4) 5.5 would work but ten gallons is better... If you get a big spawn you will need to buy grow out tanks as well.

5) Plants are great and should remain in the tank.

Hope I helped, and good luck! By the way, breeding two double tails is not recommended at all... It will lead to higher rates of deformaties and short bodies, and you will need to outcross after f1.
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I really recommend you do more research before you breed, there are lots of helpful threads here. :)
And Matt (is that your name?) is right, live foods are IMPORTANT! I can understand if it makes you squeamish but it's part of the sacrifice to breed most fish.
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