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Heater Concerns

So here is what happened. My I accidentally gave the "betta virus" to my boyfriend and he went and got a halfmoon, a 5 gal tanks, a heater, etc. The heater and the decoration were from walmart, and I felt that the heater wasnt really working because the water felt cold to the touch. It is my personal opinion that the perfect water temp is when you cant even tell your finger is in the water because it is the same temp as the air. When i checked the fish this morning, he had a chunk of his top fin missing and I concluded that, since it was fine yesterday, either he chewed it or his decoration tore it. Turns out that the decoration was Penn-Plax so we got him a new one (verrrry careful to check for sharp edges) and returned the heater. We only have one pet store in our town and they don't get regular shipments, so we ended up having to settle for a 50w heater. I expressed my concerns about this to the store owner and he said it was fine as long as we kept it on low and checked the water temp often. The heater is a 50w 6" Elite Radiant. It has a temp control knob and is not submerseable. It has a pilot light (which confuses me a little). This is the heater Please let me know what you think!
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I have a 50W in my 2 gal Kritter Keeper. It looks HUGE but it keeps the temp stable (82-84). It's an Aqueon. Just make sure you have a floating glass thermometer in the tank and check it often. Mine has a pilot light and really it just tells you if the heater is on, with a temperature control it will only turn on when the water gets below the set temperature.

That link you posted has some very bad reviews. o.o
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Get a floating glass thermometer from either Walmart or Petsmart. That's the best way to know if the water temp is too cool, too warm, or just right. I wouldn't trust the internal thermostat on ANY heater. It's MUCH better to spend $2-3 for a thermometer and KNOW what the current temp is, than hope that your heater is maintaining the correct temp!

I didn't see the floating glass thermometer on Walmart's website, but I know they have them for about $2.50. Here is a link to the Petsmart floating glass thermometer, which costs $2.99.
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+1. A finger is a very inaccurate measurement, as both air and skin temperature changes all the time, so "comparative" measurements are risky.

A 50w heater is ideal for a 5 gallon. I only use a 25, but it has to work pretty hard.

I can't comment on brand, but go with one that has good reviews. The one I use is by AquaOne, but I don't think that's available in the US.
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