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Updates on my Pearl

Sadly, still no photos. However, I have plans of attempting to get some this weekend. Hopefully when he has his new home. I am planning a 10g planted tank. Been doing a lot of reading and have a good idea of how to start one. Also, I have been drooling over some very nice Aquascaping tanks ( here is some nano examples). Those are just... dreamy.

I don't seriously believe I will be doing something of that caliber, but just staring at them give me ideas for my own tank. Any way, back to the main reason for posting.

I had to move Pearl today because of doing a new tank this weekend. I took tank and all down from top of a medium sized display case / book shelf. Then moved him to a corner out of the way. He is quite well and doesn't seem to be upset over the move. Also, he has developed an interesting.. habit.. quirk.. something.

I have some bulbs sprouting in my 3 gallon (walmart brand, for curiosity sake) and he likes to peck the ones that don't have sprouts. Now out of the 6 bulbs... 3 are left. I am not surprised, but any way. The bulbs I have thrown away were ones he pecked at. What is really odd is.. he is moving the bulbs that are not sprouting away from the other ones.

I know this doesn't mean anything, but I find this peculiar habit entertaining. It is like, "Mommy.. this is a dud. *pecks* Get it out!". I think I might have another dud on my hands. One was sprouting and now.. I can't tell if it is or not. He leaves the other two bulbs alone for the most part (they have good shoots on them now). His behavior reminds me of a hen sitting on eggs. If anyone happens to know anything about chickens.

I can't wait to see what he will do when I put shrimp and a snail in the 10g I am going to do. I just hope he doesn't try to eat the shrimp.

Also, over the last week or so.. his coloring has become more pronounced. I wish I had pictures. That way I could get some help on figuring out his coloring. Right now, some black marbling is appearing on his fins. I keep seeing if this on his body area and so far it is only on his fins. I call it marbling because that is what it looks like. Also, his body is taking on a powder puff blue color. That is quite metallic looking. He literally shines! But his face is still white. He looks so cute. White face, light metallic blue body, and his fins that are a pinkish color with black marbling.

I am also happy to see his tail and top fin healing. They were so tatty when I got him. I also found a way to keep his tank above 75 degrees F. I was reading about a user who wrapped a towel around her/his tank. I tried this method and it really seems to help. So far his tank temp hasn't dropped below 77 and stays more towards 78-80. Being a little cooler at night of course.

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Hmm, from what I've heard those bulbs are 50/50 for sprouting. Rotten ones will be squishy. It's possible that the rotten ones had some small microorganisms on them, and this is what he was picking at.

Hopefully you are able to get some pics of him up soon!
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What type of shrimp? I have 4 shrimp with my betta Rossi but when I put one in with Finn, it molted and while it was weak, he killed it. Finn is aggressive like a normal betta, Rossi is very docile, almost girly. Put in a LOT of plants, thick, heavy, can't-see-through-them, in a corner. Make it to where this is a "Shrimp Base". Feed them here, let them rest here. In a 10 gal, give the shrimp 1 gallon for 10 shrimp MAX. When planted, the shrimp can and will climb the plants so they can have less room per shrimp. If it's not very thick, only 2 or 3 per gal. Feed Pearl on the other side of the tank as far from the shrimp as possible. Put any toys here, and all bulbs to distract him
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