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How to do the pea thing? (And other q's)

Ok- so a bit of background, I guess- my roommate has had this betta for at least a year, maybe longer (I've lived with her almost a year). And the poor thing was in a pint glass. More recently it was barely getting fed and was pretty much emaciated (not dead only because the other roommie and I were pitying the poor thing and feeding it/changing the water- roommate #1 has "just a fish" syndrome ).

Well, anyway- I got sick of that, got an old gecko 10g tank with mesh top (cat barrier) out of storage a couple months ago to at least give him some more room. Recently I learned about the heating thing- and I have a filter, too- but confused about how much turbulence is ok for them? The guy at the store told me I had to let all that settle before adding anyone else- I was maybe going to get one of those little cory cats or something to eat the food that's fallen to the ground. Food on the ground, being of course, inedible so far as the betta is concerned (maybe try flakes?)... and that brings me to my dilemma.

Since he's been gaining weight back I noticed recently that his front looks bloated- which I read on here means he's constipated. So I tried the pea thing and it sunk like a rock and I have a feeling he'll never eat it. So is there any way to make it float? Should I just wait and see for a bit? How long can I let the pea sit at the bottom before it gets gross and I should take it out? Is constipation deadly or should I not worry about it if I can't get him to eat it?

Thanks in advance and sorry about my mammal-centric roommate. I'm working on her.
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I use Green Giant brand frozen peas. I thaw it. Then, reverting back to my childhood days, I smash it between my fingers and drop it into the tank. No rocket science here.

A sponge filter does nicely in a betta tank. If you think that there is too much turbulence, add floating plants like elodea. He will love that. It will calm the water, somewhat, provide cover for him and give him an anchor for his bubble nest.

Adding cories is a great idea. I would add up to four of those little janitors. The are a communal fish and enjoy the company of their own kind.
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Well, yeah- smashing the pea is fun and easy- but it still sinks. It's supposed to? But then he's not going to eat it... that's the problem I'm having.

Sponge filter sounds interesting. I tried to do a search on the forum for what they are and it get rather technical... Well, ok, probably wasn't technical at all, but I'm such a newbie it hurts. Should I return the filter I got and get a sponge one instead? (Will they take it back after I've been using it?)
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You can feed it to him off the end of a flat tipped toothpick or a small tine of a small fork (small being the operative word here). Mine won't eat it off the bottom but will eat it off the end of the fork.

Do use a turkey baster or something to suck up the uneaten pea as it will foul the water.

Some HOB filters will work, especially in a 10 gallon tank. Some people put stuff over the outtake to help divert the flow so it's not so strong or position it so it's not too disruptive to the betta. The strong current can really wreak havoc on their fins.

You can get away without a filter. I don't have one in my 5 gallon tank. Just get a gravel vac ($10 or so) and make sure you do regular water changes. But if you're adding other fishies, a filter would be a good idea.

Wouldn't hurt to get a liquid test kit to monitor the nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia and read up on the "cycle" process of the water...growing the good bacterias to eat up the ammonia and nitrites. Your fishies will flourish if you do that. Definitely cycle the new tank before adding the cories.

Good luck!
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Cories will eat any left over pea.

You are stuck with the used filter I'm afraid.

The filter you have will work fine just add the plants, floaters if possible, like elodea.
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