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Great Group

I am just happy to be a part of y'all
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Hadoken Kitty
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IS there a larger photo allowance now in the albums? :P
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Originally Posted by Laki View Post
Actually like someone mentioned, do away with the titles and just implement the "like" buttons on this forum! (*I only keep bettas and shrimp so I am never on TFK. That and TFK is not as user friendly)
+1 on Laki's comment. Some 'newer' members have many years of experience. Their advice shouldn't be discounted solely because they wouldn't have earned a title yet.

What about adding a general disclaimer at the top of the forum, saying that it's often difficult to diagnose what's wrong with a fish, even for experienced people. Therefore, it's up to the poster to read through ALL the advice given, and make a decision on the best course of action for their fish.

Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
I do want to say that while it was a coincidence, OFL's departure has nothing at all to do with the new Administrator. Her decision to leave was solely her own and she will be missed.
Will she still be posting on the forum at all?
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On another forum I went on before I found you guys there were reputation buttons,so if someone said something nice, or helped you out a lot, or made a helpful post you can give them a reputation point with a nice comment. Then, this will help newer members see who gives good info, and the new members who know what their talking about will soon get lots of reputation.
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on an aquatic plant forum you'll also get points for selling or grading plants. kind of like ebay. lol
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I'm very thankful you did away with the titles!

I stopped using forums because of the issues with titles and post count. Basically it as you said. Almost all forums give status titles and post counts. 1 person can post 4,000 posts because they really like replying and chatting in the forums, but they might be less informed or experienced than someone who only has 400 posts. All the forums I ever used became extremely frustrating, because either the "senior members" talk down to the newer or less senior members because "I've been here for 5 years. I am your superior here, you should respect me like one!" (literally, I've read people saying that) or other members will literally attack you for politely disagreeing with someone who has more seniority if you are a new member.

Sometimes people might be very knowledgable and experienced in betta care, but only came across this site recently. I think taking away the titles will prevent any possible situations of condescention and silly unnecessary fights that those kinds of attitudes cause :)

At least now I can be more comfortable in this forum knowing that I'll be judged because of who I am, and not how many posts I accumulate.
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